Mind your manners…

It seems like nowadays more than ever I find myself reminding Ace to mind his manners. Every time we are out in public there are children, literally acting like animals. We were at storytime yesterday and a little boy was licking the back of the chair in front of him and his mother just sat there watching. Ace looked at me looking for an explanation on why this child was doing this and I was looking at him for an explanation on why his mother was just watching. I didn’t want to draw attention to it in the library, but you better believe as soon as we got into the car I explained to Ace how inappropriate and rude that was. I try very hard not to make him judgmental, but I also want him to know what is wrong. Usually I go with the “we listen to what Jesus tells us on how we should behave. He wants us to act with love and good manners”. It usually works.

I keep trying to pound these things (things of the Faith, manners, etc) into his head before he starts school. I really think these values need to be instilled in him while I still have him at home with me all day.

I simply can’t believe some of the books and materials available to young kids today. As we were leaving the library, I noticed a book on display called The Daring Book for Girls. So I grabbed it and checked it out. While, there are some neat crafts and activities in the book overall it gives me a very feminist kinda vibe. I need not mention the fact that it teaches how to “read” a palm. So I am not recommending this book, but it did remind me of how little girls nowadays receive more encouragement to act like boys than girls. It has somehow become uncool to act and dress like a lady, even for us women. So ladies, it starts from home! Go to Target ($1.00 section around Easter) buy some little white gloves for your little girl and set the table with fresh cut flowers and linens and have a little tea party with cucumber dill sandwiches and other dainty little treats! (I will post some recipes in another post) There is something very feminine in holding a tiny porcelain teacup and saucer isn’t there? Give her a little shawl to wear when it’s chilly too, shawls are very feminine and make acting like a lady fun for little girls. Companies like Harney & Son’s and Teavana sell children’s teas. Even in your local supermarket you can find naturally caffeine-free tea. One of my favorites is Tropic of Strawberry by Celestial Seasonings.

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Now you ladies that are like me with only little boys at home, we are not excused from this responsibility. We must teach our little men to be gentlemen. This means holding doors for ladies when possible, giving the girls the best seats in the house and being gentle and polite. There is a time and place for everything, let little boys run free and wild outdoors, not inside. This is something we can all work on together.

It’s also ironic that most of these things are parallel to our beliefs as Orthodox Christians. If we followed the Faith as prescribed by Christ and the saints to the tee, we’d be on target with just about everything. We must pray for His help in doing this.

In the meantime, here are Kate Spade’s Modern-Day Etiquette Reminders

Making others feel at ease is the essence of etiquette, yesterday and today.

There are few words more elementary or more welcomed than please and thank you.

Good moods are contagious. Hopefully, yours will be pleasantly catching.

Be aware and considerate of personal space-physical, visual, and aural.

Showing respect is a gift, one that costs nothing and is endlessly appreciated.

Think of your tone of voice as a telegraph. To the listener it speaks volumes.

A short fuse does nothing but burn. Should you find yourself with one, steer clear of others.

Never underestimate the message that’s sent by your poise and posture.

Clothes count. Appropriate attire is not only respectful, it’s refreshing.

Let common sense be your guide and graciousness your goal.

If you have any manner-teaching methods please share with us!

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  1. Woo-hoo! I can’t see the last few characters of the link though. I went to her page and saw that we won! I’m so psyched, don’t you love winning things?? Thanks for letting us know about the contest!

  2. Oh, Sylvia!I saw the Daring Book for Girls at the library too! I checked it out thinking that it would be a good read, but saw the feminist stuff too! Ugh! They now have a similar book out entitled “How to be the Best at Everything”… I won’t be getting THAT one;)

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