Alright ladies, I need you to put on your thinkin’ caps!

For awhile now I’ve been working on a project that (so far) I’ve titled The Orthodox Kid’s Busy Book. It’s a compilation of different ideas, crafts and recipes geared towards Orthodox Christian moms. Orthodoxy is a way of life and I believe by educating our children in the Faith through the use of fun and creative activities, they will begin to truly understand this concept.

I have a little over 100 different ideas so far, but I’m looking for some fresh and new ideas! So I need your help! I’ll be randomly choosing people who send suggestions and sending them nifty little prizes as a thank you. So every idea you send you get entered, so send as many ideas as you can!

Some examples are listed, but it is certainly not limited to the following:

What are some of the special things you do with your children?
A special bedtime routine?
What kinds of craft projects do they enjoy?
How do you celebrate namedays or feastdays?
Do you have a favorite kid-friendly recipe?
How do you keep them focused at prayer times or at Church?
How do you spend rainy days?
A special poem or prayer, perhaps one you wrote, for them?

Even if it’s not necessarily Orthodox (yet) please share it anyways! They can be any type of Christian ideas, or just plain ole’ activities and things that your children enjoy! ANY of your ideas or suggestions will be terrific!

I’m not sure how I am going to work out the credits yet, but if you’d like your name to be included with your “tip” please include your first and last name. If not, please sign anonymously.

The point is to encourage children to learn their faith through tangible means. To help them learn self-control, patience and good manners. God has given us the awesome responsibility of being mothers and molding these children into well-mannered and obedient children. A large part of fulfilling that role is by spending time with our children and letting them use their imaginations! Our imaginations are a gift from God! The ideas that I hope to present in this book will encourage mother/child bonding time with projects that children will look forward to creating!

Please e-mail all ideas to OrthodoxMama{at}gmail{dot}com!

Thanks a bunch! You guys are great!

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  1. Thanks Kelleylynn! I loved the ideas you posted, I deleted the comment but sent it to my e-mail. Please send any other ideas or suggestions you come up with my way!

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