Conciliar catalog + Glowing Stars = Heaven to a 4 year old

We’ve had some icons taped to the bottom of Ace’s bunk bed for awhile but every so often the tape comes undone and we have to re-stick them. He likes having them there because he says they protect him and keep him safe. He’s also been wanting to put glow in the dark stars underneath.

Yesterday I was cleaning out some of my old magazines, catalogs, etc. when I ran across one from Conciliar Press. They always have such beautiful icons in their catalogs and I hate getting rid of them (we burn them).

So we came up with this:

When we were finished Ace said “Wow Mom! It’s gonna look like Heaven in my bed!”

He always says and asks the cutest things about Heaven. While we were doing this he saw the Christ Pantocrator icon and asked if it’s dark in Heaven. I told him I’m pretty sure it’s just bright daylight there and he innocently replied, “Yeah, I think so too because kids can play outside all night since it’s not dark. We don’t have to worry about coyotes either in Heaven because everything is nice there.”

Aaah…the innocence of childhood, I just try to breathe in a bit of it.

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