Preschool: Day 3

Well, I’m happy to report that Day 3 has been better than Day 1. After I dropped Ace off at school I decided that coming home and watching his baby videos was probably not something I should engrave into my daily routine.

So after I dropped him off I came home and Lucky and I did some finger painting and put a few puzzles together. Lucky’s behavior has been much better over the past few days and I’m wondering if it is because of all the extra attention he gets. I came to the sad realization that many times when I’d be doing something with Ace like cooking dinner or working on a project, I’d often find things to “busy” Lucky, instead of including him in the project. I realized that in my mind he’s remained my baby, when he is in fact a toddler now and I need to start doing fun, toddler-ish activities with him and including him in more things now.

Like yesterday as I was preparing dinner, he took the chopped vegetables and threw them in the pot. He was so proud to be helping! Now every time I go into the kitchen he pushes the chair up to the counter and smiles and laughs because he knows he’s going to get to help. So I am spending much more quality time with him during the day. That’s not to say that I’m not still heartbroken because I surely am, but it has gotten a little bit easier.

When poor Lucky heard DH and Ace coming home from school yesterday he ran up to me and wrapped himself around my leg. He figured now that Ace was home he’d have to fight for my attention again. So when Ace came in I took them both outside to play with the new goats {did I tell you we got 2 new goats?} and run around for awhile. After a few minutes they both forgot about me and had a blast playing with eachother.

Isn’t this photos precious? They were holding hands and walking through the yard. Luckily the camera was close by because I would’ve been so sad not to have captured this moment!

I also thought you’d enjoy this conversation between Ace and I after school on Day 1:

Me: Hey buddy! How was your day?

Ace: Fun! We did a project with letters.

Me: Wow! Sounds neat. Did you eat all of your lunch?

Ace: {incredibly dragged out} Yeeeeeeeess…

Me: What? Was something not good? Did you find your kisses?

Ace: No everything was good but I couldn’t eat my kisses. {they were in a tin with the note}

Me: Why not?

Ace: Because. Mom….the note?

Me: What was wrong with the note? You didn’t like Mommy’s note?

Ace: It was kind of embarrassing Mom.

Me: Why? Did someone tease you?

Ace: No, I hid it under my juice box before anyone saw it.

Me: So what’s the problem then?

Ace: Mom. You wrote in on pink paper and drew all kinds of little hearts on it!

Me: So what? You don’t want me to write you notes anymore?

Ace: {after thinking about how to say this nicely} Umm…don’t make it so girly tomorrow, write it on blue paper and don’t draw any hearts. Tell me to have a good day or something.

So how do you like that?? I’m dying of a broken heart and he’s hiding my love notes under his juice box!

I am definitely looking forward to having him home with me for the weekend and decided that Saturday’s will now be our official family day to do something fun. Either a craft at home or going to the zoo, museum or bowling. He’s never been bowling and has been asking to go.

I’ll keep you posted in case I need more therapy from you all just in case I have a relapse after the weekend. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Preschool: Day 3

  1. What an adorable picture!!! I am glad things are getting a little easier. We always have to look at the positive out of every situation. How exciting that you got two new goats! I remember my times in Greece as a little girl where we would take care of my grandparents’ goats, donkeys, and chickens. It was so much fun. I hope I can have little Niko learn the same lessons and love animals the same way we do from those sort of experiences.

  2. i love the picture! well… good that your little man can articulate what is on his mind! so cute!!! reminded me of calvin and hobbes a bit, when calvin tries to explain why he can’t wear the big bird sweater from his grandma (or something like this). he will treasure the memory of your love when he gets older, i’m sure!!

  3. Bwahahahahahhahahaha.When my oldest was about 8 or 9 he went to Orthodox sleep-away camp. I carefully wrote him a letter the night I dropped him off so that he’d get it on one of the first days, wrote him another letter a couple of days later. I was so careful that I could be found always at work so if he needed me.We get a letter from him on Thursday that starts:Dear Dad,….Um……son?

  4. I am laughing out loud over here about the sweet sweet conversation concerning the note~ I don’t even know how old ACE is..but it’s just precious…absolutely precious ! Thanks for sharing ~

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