Mourning Adam’s Exile {+ some great Lenten links}

Adam sat before Paradise and, lamenting his nakedness, he wept: “Woe is me! By evil deceit was I persuaded and led astray. Now I am an exile from glory…”

The sun hid its rays, the moon and stars were turned to blood, the mountains were afraid, the hills trembled, when Paradise was shut. Adam departed, beating his hands upon his face and saying: ‘I am fallen: merciful Lord, have mercy on me.’

-Vesper Service of Forgiveness Sunday

Tradition tells us that today, Clean Monday, the Church mourns for Adam and Eve’s exile from Paradise. After Holy Friday, Clean Monday (Kathadi Thevteda) is the most sorrowful day of the Ecclesiastical year.

Most monastics keep a rule of eating nothing until sunset today and double their prayer rule (prostrations, etc).

Here are some of my favorite Lenten links:

Curious George Bread

Shepherd’s Pie

Benefits of Fasting

I’ll be making plenty of this bread and I can’t wait to try this Pasta with Peanut Sauce!

I love this recipe for no-high-fructose-corn-syrup granola bars!

I took this Lenten Treasure Chest out of the closet today and we’ll be making these posters again today after school.

This Kyra Sarakosti (Miss Forty Days) is from Crayola! Cool huh? Thanks Presbytera Georgia!


I’ll also be posting a few of the new Lenten projects we’re working on soon! May you all have a blessed Lenten journey this year! Kali Sarakosti!

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  1. Thanks as always for the links and ideas!! Do you happen to know where I could get a template of that Lenten Treasure Chest? What a lovely keepsake for kids! Now that I am homeschooling, I am looking for as many Lenten projects as possible! πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on winning at my giveaway – I’m going to make photo notecards – you can pick up to 6 of your favorite images from my blog – just let me know! If I don’t hear from you in one week, I’ll pick on my own.

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