First Pen Pal Letters {+ a Big Surprise!}

The theme for our first letter, which is due out by Wednesday, March 25th, is “All about me”. (All letters after this are due on the first of each month!)

Your child should include their birthday, nameday, patron saint and a photo in their letter. I did not include some of this info in the partner emails I sent out.

I think it would be fun for them to have a photo of their pal along with photos of anything else they wish to include, pet, toy, bedroom, clubhouse, etc.

Here are some suggestions for your child to write about:

  • About himself
  • What he or she is doing and learning in his schoolwork
  • Where he has gone lately
  • His favorite things
  • About his pets
  • His friends
  • His collections
  • Favorite Saints
  • Books he likes
  • Movies he has watched
  • His hobbies
  • Church activities
  • Holidays

Here are some fun things you might want to try:

  • Decorate the paper and envelope (just be sure the address is legible)
  • Make a pen pal kit to use when writing letters
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Create a Friendship poem book (each child writes 2 copies of a poem, mails one to their pal and they make them into a book-when it’s finished they swap.)

Have fun and I can’t wait to hear about their letters! Please keep me informed!

So now do you want to know what the big surprise is?

Potamitis Publishing has generously donated 12 copies of My Prayer Book to the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program! This book is absolutely beautiful and will be a wonderful resource for 12 lucky children! The book retails for $28!

Once a month I will randomly choose a name from the list of children participating in the program to choose a winner!

Potamitis Publishing
also has a great Kid’s Corner on their website that kids can access for free! It contains oodles of different activities such as printable icons to color, church themed activities such as connect the dots, mazes, etc., online puzzles and much more! The Kid’s corner is regularly updated to provide activities that correlate with the Church calendar! You can access the Kid’s corner any time by clicking the link on my sidebar!

A giant thank you to them for their kind generosity! Be sure to check out their site for other great children’s books!

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