Calling All Orthodox Homemakers!

I am very excited about one of the upcoming themes for The Handmaiden magazine! It will be a Home edition! Can you believe there will be a Home magazine for Orthodox women?

I’m anxious to start collecting article ideas for my column, the Orthodox Home and I couldn’t think of a better place to start than with all of you. I’m looking for any kind of home tips, decoration ideas, photos, etc that you have. All tips and/or photos will of course be accredited to you.

The first photo that came to mind was this one from roosje (little rose)‘s blog.

I love this picture! It just makes her table look so warm and inviting–essential elements in an Orthodox home…

I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to lay this article out but I really want to feature all of you! I plan to mention your blogs, if applicable, along with your name and tip, photo, etc.

I’m very excited about this issue and you should be too! It will arrive in mailboxes starting in November. I can’t promise to use every tip I receive but will do my best. Even if you’re not sure it’s something I can use please send it anyway!

This is going to be a super fun issue so if you’re not already subscribed to The Handmaiden, be sure to sign up–there’s no better time than now!

Please e-mail submissions to OrthodoxMama{at}gmail{dot}com! Feel free to comment on this post but please don’t leave submissions here! Thank you so much in advance!!

11 thoughts on “Calling All Orthodox Homemakers!

  1. I don’t know whether I have any ideas, per se, but I do think it’s important to make Christ accessible, even to the littlest ones. I was going through some pictures (finally putting them online) and thought of you with these two: Theological Conference and Late Night Party with His Buddies.I love watching him love his saints. I just put them where he can reach them, and rescue whoever needs it from time to time.

  2. I think I have something for you. I’ll ask my husband to snap a few photos over the weekend and send them your way. In Christ,katherine

  3. I’ve always wanted to see pictures of people’s, children’s, icon corners. I love how each one is different and so meaningful.Also, some discussions on education and spirituality with children would be great. Homeschool vs. public or private and how each family incorporates spirituality in the home. M.MIchelle

  4. November is SO far away…I look forward to it. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out! I thoroughly enjoy the Handmaiden, I’ve only read 4 issues so far…but have enjoyed my subscription!

  5. last but not least…(it’s been a little busy this week!) I was flattered that you used my picture… suprised but flattered! My house is not done yet (soon, just found out that I finally have a locker to store my not-in-use-right-now-items) but I would like to be part of this. My impression is that I am one of the few apartment living single no children professional working woman types. So I can add to the mix from a slight different life situation! Can we submitt a little write up with photo? I would want to email about this…I will try to do something soonish … what are your deadlines for this? (I am a librarian as you may know and I love to know all the details!). I appreciate your love of sharing and writing! I hope to do more writing myself if/when my life is more conducive to doing so… πŸ™‚ Let me know okay?! thanks! and thanks again for loving my picture… I love that corner of my kicthen too! πŸ™‚

  6. Elizabeth, I would love a little write up about the photo. I’m still not sure how everything is going to fit together but the more I have to work with the better! Thank you so much!I’d like to have everything collected by the end of May. I’m not a librarian (though I think that would be my dream job) but I am a very detail oriented person too!I absolutely love your kitchen corner and can just imagine how cozy the rest of your home is!

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