I found this note…

I found this note on the fridge this morning. DH took Ace to school today and before I went outside to feed the animals and collect the eggs I gave him his goodbye kiss.

When I came back in they were gone and I found this note stuck to the fridge:

If you read my Preschool Stinks post you remember that I mentioned how Ace repeatedly reminds me to pray for him every morning. Well he forgot this morning and decided to leave me a little reminder (DH helped with the spelling).

I have to say that I still am adjusting to him being gone all day but I find comfort in the fact that he understands the importance of prayer at such a young age. The innocence of a child…

One thing that I believe helped in his understanding of this is the book Daniel and the Lion by Claire Brandenburg. The story is about a little boy named Daniel who is being bullied at school (the lion). My boys both love it!

The lovely illustrations help a child understand how the Theotokos, the saints and our guardian angel invisibly accompany us everywhere we go when we ask for their intercessions. If you have never read this book, the illustrations alone make it worth it! The story is beautifully written as well–so you can’t lose.


  1. wow. that is so precious. ‘out of the mouths of babes…’

  2. How cute! It is nice to see children know how important prayer is.

  3. that is really lovely! how special. we can learn so much from children.

  4. how cute is that?! by the way, he’s doing a fantastic job writing! (I work in kindergarten)

  5. There is definitely a kind of innocence for children who are introduced to their faith at a young age. Many unfortunately lose it in their later years.I sometimes look back on how truly spiritual I was as a little child, and wish I had that faith again.

  6. Sniff, sniff. Beautiful.

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