Adventures in Goat Milking-Part I

Well we started milking our goats a couple of weeks ago and it went a little something like this…

DH built this really cool goat stand and we had it filled with sweet feed for Koukla (a.k.a. mama goat) Now all we need to do is get Koukla to stand on it…which is a bit tricky…

First, DH has to get her in the barn. Then he puts the leash on her and she takes him for a run…

Stubborn as she is, she refuses to walk over to the goat stand so….

he carries her. Now, to the untrained eye DH may appear to have a great big smile on his face as he carries the not so small goat across the yard to be milked. HOWEVER, he is not smiling but yelling at me to open the gate and stop snapping photographs. I willingly comply…

Once on the goat stand I pet her for a few minutes and let her smell her food before her milking. Then I washed her with this udder wash. (Thanks Susan Sophia!)

Luckily for me…I mean Koukla, some friends of ours that have goat milking experience stopped by to give us some pointers…

Alas, the fruits of our labor… Not much I know, but it is getting better. Bruno (our dog) enjoyed some fresh goat’s milk that day.

Hopefully I’ll have a full pail of milk to show you soon!!

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Goat Milking-Part I

  1. Thanks for the laugh. :)I loved all the pictures but the one that got the biggest laugh, along with its caption, was the one with all your help! LOLThat would have just unnerved me to have all those people watching over me. I was wondering….do you separate the mama and kid at all so that you can get some of the milk before the kid? If not, I would recommend separating them at night and milking first thing in the morning. Then they can be together all day. You will get milk then. Our one doe kidded a week and a half ago. Did you see the pictures?

  2. LOL. Yes, it was quite funny…for me at least, I can’t say much for poor DH. :)Yes, we certainly do count our blessings. Life is far from perfect but we soak in as much of the good stuff as possible.

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