Don’t count your chickens…

Well a few weeks ago we purchased an incubator and Ace carefully placed 2o carefully selected eggs inside. Our chickens hatched a few but none survived. Each Spring a local farm supply store brings in a large variety of chicks and we buy around 20 new ones but we missed it this year. So we decided it would be neat to do it this way and the boys could keep track of the eggs progress.

Here’s what they looked like in the incubator:

And close-up:

This past weekend before we left for Orlando DH went to check on them and still none had hatched. We thought we did something wrong since it had been 27 days and they were supposed to hatch in 21. He didn’t bother them though and figured he’d get rid of them when we got back.

But look what we found when we got back! We must have miscalculated!

The boys went crazy! Only 10 hatched but that was more than we expected. We’re going to put some more in soon.

Ace kept trying to name them all and Lucky kept touching them with his finger and screaming when they chirped! It was the cutest thing.

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  1. We’ve been having so much fun with them! The boys are always asking to hold them and it’s so sweet how gentle they are with them! More pics to come soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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