Peep! Peep!

My best friend came and spent a few days with us last week. The first thing the kids wanted to do was go see the baby chicks, who by the way are growing like weeds! Out of the 10 eggs that hatched we only got 1 yellow chick, who Ace has deemed his favorite.

Here’s cowboy holding his new bud:

If you look closely you could see his feathers starting to come in right under his wing.

Mouse (in the photo below) is all about kisses. She couldn’t wait to kiss the baby goat when she first saw her and now she’s puckering up for the chickies!

Giovanni had a blast collecting the eggs. I love this photo with the egg mid-air (only 1 broke)!

He also had fun leading the pack in their attempt to catch a chicken…

By the end of the day the rugrats were so tuckered out that they went to sleep pretty easily and Athena and I got to hang out and relax a little. We rented BrideWars and poured ourselves a nice glass of wine. When I went to make a plate of cheese and crackers, all I could find were grilled cheese crackers. 🙂 So we made due…

We don’t have cable or watch much t.v. in our house so the only t.v. we have is the one in the kid’s playroom for videos, hence my super-cool entertainment center and giant plasma t.v., lol.

We really enjoyed the movie, especially since we both related so well to the characters and storyline. Athena’s more like Liv and I’m definitely an Emma.

We both got engaged and married only a couple months apart and we were pregnant with our 2nd child together; Lucky and Mouse are only a day apart!

We’re hoping for a BrideWars part II (MommyWars perhpaps?) that depicts all the sleepless nights, puke stained blouses and other thrilling mommy moments. 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! My sister-in-law and are having our second set of coinciding pregnancies. The kids and the chick are so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog. 😀

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