Operation Cookie Drop

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a project ‘baking’ in my mind to help support some of our boys in Iraq.

A good friend of ours was recently deployed to Iraq (for the 3rd time) and in return for a favor he did for me while stationed in England I promised to fulfill his request for homemade cookies.

I decided to make a project of it and recruit some bakers to help make cookies for his entire 351st Air Refueling Squadron. There are a total of 9 men and they will be deployed for the entire summer.

Each baker would be required to bake 5 dozen cookies of their choice once a month and mail them to their ‘adopted soldier’. It will probably be for 3-4 months and you can bake whatever kind of cookies you want! You can also include cards, letters, etc. If you’d like to help but don’t have the time to bake let me know and I can give you a list of other items you could send.

If you’re interested in helping out please send an email to OperationCookieDrop{at}ChasingCheerios{dot}com.

Thanks everyone! Let’s send these guys a little bit of home!

One thought on “Operation Cookie Drop

  1. I love this idea and would really like to join in, but with the baby coming in a few months, this just isn't something I think I can do right now. If you do it again in the future, please count me in! Good luck!

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