Icons of Panagia

Elder Joseph the Hesychast said that Orthodox Christians should all have an icon of the Theotokos that they particularly love and that we should keep that icon with us, venerating it and pleading for her intercessions at all times.

So I wanted to share some of my favorite icons of the Theotokos with you.

The first one is of Theotokos’ grandmother Mary, her mother St. Anna and herself with Christ. It is sometimes refered to as the 3 generations or St. Mary–grandmother of the Theotokos.

This one is of the Panagia Elevtherotria (also spelled Eleftherotria). The sisters gave me this icon along with the Akathist booklet when I was pregnant with Lucky. This Panagia is the patron saint of childbirth and war. I know its an odd combination but I don’t ask questions when it comes to what the Theotokos chooses to intercede for. 🙂 This is the icon, along with the Panagia of Sadnaya that I keep with me at all times.

The next one is The Visitation Icon. I have seen the Virgin Mary and Elizabeth embracing many different icons but this is the only one I’ve seen where you can see the babies in their wombs. Christ is giving His blessing to St. John the Baptist as he prostrates himself before Him.  I purchased it off of eBay.  *Due to the many inquiries on where to purchase this icon, I located the iconographer of this particular version (there are several) and am linking to her website here.  🙂

This is an icon of The Annunciation. It is also one of the only ones I’ve seen where you can see the image of Christ in her womb. I just think its lovely.

Do you have a favorite icon? Which one?


16 thoughts on “Icons of Panagia

  1. I found this one, it's wallet-sized, on Ebay. It's used as a pro-life icon, so you might include that in your search if you can't find it under The Visitation. Hope that helps!

  2. I re-read the story of the mircle; so encouraging. It is special that we both have the Panagia Elevtherotria Icon. You were the one who told me about which one it was (Again my thanks). We are so blessed to have the Church. Thank you for the reminder of what we have been given!

  3. I also like the ones showing Christ and St. John as babies in their mothers' wombs. Those are REALLY cool. Where could I find the Annunciation one?My favorite is called (I think) the "Platytera" or "Wider Than The Heavens"? It's the one with her hands out to the sides. My son's favorite is any icon of "his Mary" small enough he can carry it around!

  4. Sylvia, I am not Orthodox and have not seen many icons, but the one of The Visitation was so beautiful it almost made me cry. I think I need one of those!Thank you for sharing such beauty!

  5. I am like the others, the icon of The Visitation was perticularly moving to me. Thank you for sharing this and the post about your great-grandmother. This definitely inspires devotion to our Creator.

  6. Thank you for sharing these. They are lovely, all of them.The icon of the monks, angels and Light was given to me by a friend as a gift for my graduation from college. I really like it!

  7. Wow, Sylvia! Thanks so much for posting these. I was particularly drawn to the "Three Generations," "Annunciation," and "Visitation" icons. Do you have any idea where those can be found and ordered? Keep up the great work with this blog, Sylvia. It is such an encouragement.

  8. I have never seen the "Three Generations" icon before. Wow, thanks for posting it, I love it!I have tried to search online for it to purchase, but to no avail. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks

  9. There is a beautiful Visitation icon in the OCA church in Colorado Springs, CO…Christ and St. John the Baptist look almost embossed…it is gorgeous and i make sure to stop and see it everytime we are in the springs…it's worth the stop :0)

  10. Sylvia, I know that this is an older post, but I just viewed it and would really like to find the icon of the Panagia Elevtherotria–any suggestions?

  11. Anonymous,You can order them from Annunciation monastery. 352.591.1803. You can get the small pocket sized ones, or get them on wood in several sizes. They also have the service book to Panagia Elevtherotria, it's in Greek though, not sure if that will work for you or not! 🙂

  12. Is there a 3 Generational Icon of Jesus’s Maternal Great Grandfather Nathan the Priest of Bethlehem (St. Mary’s Spouse, or St. Anna’s Grand-Father along with St. Joachim?

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