because Christouli doesn’t waste chocolate chip cookies…

After constantly lecturing my children about how shameful it is to waste food, Ace and I have the following conversation in the car:

Me: You can only eat a few of those cookies. You better not eat them all!

Several minutes pass…

Ace: Doesn’t Christouli get sad when we throw food away?

Me: {completely forgetting there are cookies in the car} Yes, he gets sad when we waste food because so many people have no food to eat at all.

Ace: I thought so. So, we have to make sure not to waste anything at all.

Me: Exactly.

Ace: Because Jesus didn’t waste any of his food or candy or popcorn {long pause} or cookies.

Me: {smiling, shaking my head and wondering when kids became so darn smart}

5 thoughts on “because Christouli doesn’t waste chocolate chip cookies…

  1. Absolutely adorable! Reminiscent of my 3 yo DD a few weeks ago…in the jogging stroller at the park and I catch her throwing small pieces of her snack onto the grass. I tell her not to waste the food, that Jesus doesn't like when she throws food on the floor, etc. She responds "but the squirrels like it"! Sounds like your DS and my DD have the same mindset!

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