What’s left…

A trip to the ice cream parlor for Root Beer Floats. One last trip to the Friday Farmer’s Market. One more weekday morning to pull the covers over our heads and sleep in for as long as our hearts desire. A fun-filled Night Before School Party. Just. One. More.

That’s all that’s left before I send my best bud in the whole wide world off to school. It’s a good thing he can’t read my blog yet because it would totally blow my whole, “WOW! Aren’t you excited to start school?” cover.

I can hardly believe it. I promised myself that I wouldn’t come home after dropping him off and spend the afternoons eating Ben & Jerry’s while watching home videos. I did that when he started preschool and let me tell you it was not pretty…

I have to remind myself to focus on the positive, like spending more one on one time with Lucky. When Ace started preschool last year, Lucky was lost…for a few days. Then he realized how much time he got to spend with Mommy and all of a sudden instead of running to the door when Ace got home, he’d wrap his entire little body around my leg and yell, “My Mommy!”

So while Ace is in school, I’ll ease the pain by enjoying the hours alone with Lucky–something he’s never really had being the second child.

I do, however, take comfort in knowing that I am sending him to a great school with great teachers and administration. I look forward to all the fun things like field trips, class parties and having lunch in a cafeteria for the first time. He has such a great personality and I know he’ll make new friends quickly and will have a great time once he gets adjusted.

Tomorrow is Meet-the-Teacher Day and I get to sign up for PTO and volunteer for different programs for his class. I look forward to that and I can surprise him for lunch anytime I want. I’ll be exercising my self control and will not be visiting every day–only once a week or once every other week. 🙂

So what’s left? Some very different, very happy days for all of us.

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