A is for Apple

I am sooo happy that school this week has been terrific for Ace! Yesterday he was chosen as Student of the Week {I type as I beam with pride} and was able to bring home the Clifford backpack which is full of Clifford toys, books and audio CD’s. He is also very excited to be the class line leader and teacher’s helper for the week. It’s a very cool thing to be able to get the teacher’s clipboard out of the closet and place everyone’s name on it. No one else in the class is even allowed to touch it Mom!

He also had his first class project due yesterday. The teacher traced his body and he had to decorate the person to look like himself. First he needed brown hair and a face. Next he wanted overalls on him, because all farmers wear overalls, so I found denim patterned scrapbook paper that he cut up and glued like overalls. I sewed buttons on the top and stitched around the front pocket. Then we cut up an old pair of socks and drew shoes complete with yarn shoelaces.

After that he stood back and took a look at him and said, “Something is still missing.”

So he went and tore the cover off of an old drawing notebook and glued it in the pocket because he always carry a notebook around to write stories and clues in. Then he drew a little komboskini on his arm and asked me to cut out a cross for him. He went on to draw Jesus on the cross, complete with His crown of thorns, nails, speared side and blood.

Ace: This way my whole class will know I’m a Christian and I can tell them what the bad guys did to Christouli.

Me: {smiles}  Very good, honey.  And what’s even more important is to make sure we remember what the bad guys did to him and are very careful not to hurt Him with our words or actions.


11 thoughts on “A is for Apple

  1. That's so cute!! Eva is also student of the week this week (really it's "Shining Knight of the Week") and we also traced her body and decorated her. 🙂 I'm glad Ace is doing so well this week!!

  2. I am so glad that things are getting better for Ace! I agree with Michelle M., on how he incorporated his faith into his project….you have done a wonderful job with the gift (Ace) God gave you!

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