Free Prayer Journals for Kids

A couple of months ago we signed up to receive one of the free prayer journals for kids from the IOCC. What an excellent, excellent resource for Orthodox mothers to take advantage of.

The journal begins with a section on the importance of prayer then continues to give ways that the children can use their journal and learn about the needs of others. Next there is a section with the trisagion prayers, a morning, mid-day and evening prayer.

It works alongside the Ecclesiastical calendar by listing the month (starting in September) and it focuses on a different part of the world and discusses their specific needs and ways that IOCC helps the people of that region. The margins include Scripture verses, quotes from holy fathers, etc. Then on the opposite page it has a space where the child writes a list of the things they are praying for and a list of things they are thankful for.

Here’s our month of September:

In case you can’t read Ace’s handwriting it reads:

I’m Praying For:
my family, my nono, my class and my teachers

I thank God For:
our home, family, toys, health, food

This month’s focus is on the United States, which I think is great because as much as I love when he learns about the hardships of people in other countries, I think it’s equally important to realize that poverty and hunger exist here at home as well.

If you have children who are old enough to write, or can even understand well enough, I would click on over here and order a journal for your home. Also, consider giving to some of their programs. Like I mentioned in my last Handmaiden article, $0.92 of every dollar donated goes directly to their aid efforts.

Check out “My Prayer Journal Online” to see what place children are studying each month and learn different facts, how the IOCC is aiding that country and ways you can help.

3 thoughts on “Free Prayer Journals for Kids

  1. We have a lovely young woman who is one of our Sunday school teachers who is our area IOCC rep. So she ordered a number of these journals for our Sunday school program to use! She also happens to be Pavlos' sunday school teacher (and I happen to be our sunday school director) so that makes me love her that much more because she is awesome!!!

  2. Christina–That's awesome! I think it's wonderful that they print something like this for the kids. The fact that it is free is even more wonderful! I just ordered some for favors for the boy's nameday party coming up!

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