A Gift of Honor

Last weekend a close friend of ours, and one of the troops from Operation Cookie Drop, came by for dinner. He was home for a short time for training before going 0verseas again. He came bearing gifts and not least among them was this flag and certificate that reads, “This flag was flown over the skies of Irag & Afghanistan…”. It is such an honor to receive such a gift! I wanted to cry when he told me that they took it with them on their flight missions.

It was a thank you gift from him and his squad for organizing Operation Cookie Drop so I wanted to post it and thank all of you again who participated in the project.

I was humbled by how grateful they were to receive packages from home and I felt guilty accepting a thank you from them; the brave men who are risking their lives for our country.

Please remember them, and all the men and women serving our country, in your prayers.

“Be mindful, 0 Lord, of all civil Authorities, of our Armed Forces, of this city in which we dwell, and of every city and land; grant us peaceful times, that we may lead a calm and tranquil life in all godliness and sanctity. ” –from the petitions of the Divine Liturgy

One thought on “A Gift of Honor

  1. Wow! What a wonderful gift! We have a flag that my grandmother received during WWII, she organized a group that knit more socks than you could imagine and after the war one of the soldiers delivered her a flag from his troop. He was still wearing the socks they knit! I think this is beautiful. And yes, I would definitley be humbled to receive a gift from THEM! Maria J.

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