Amigurumi Knit Doll Pattern

photo courtesy of Amy Gaines

I started knitting this doll for my niece, using this pattern by Amy Gaines. It was a really quick knit and the doll is coming out great!

I did over stuff her a little because I know once she starts getting carried around the stuffing will loosen up inside. You can see the white from it in some spots but other than that I really like it!

I have to add the straps to her shoes and sew her face and then she’s finished! The eyes are made from green and white felt with a french knot in the middle and the smile is just a scrap of red yarn (I think I might use embroidery floss though). I can’t wait to see my little cupcake girl toting this around with her.

Be sure to check out Amy’s Etsy shop for some other great patterns! Next, I will be knitting up some animals from her Woodland Friends collection for my boys (they both love Jan Brett’s Hedgie character and Amy’s hedgehog is the best I’ve seen) and then I think I’ll try the Marie Antoinette Doll!

3 thoughts on “Amigurumi Knit Doll Pattern

  1. Happy to have wandered upon your blog. It is nice to be able to read words that mean something…that reach deeper into our hearts…And my little granddaughter would love this doll 🙂

  2. She looks really good congratulations! I am a new knitter and think I may try this one. Could you tell me how this is knit? Straights or circulars, side to side or in the round? Thank you very much.Alicia in New Zealand

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