Does God sneeze?

This morning during prayers we read the line in the Psalms that reads, “let our prayers rise like incense before You”.

Afterward, the following conversation took place:

Ace: So our words get all swirled up in the incense and floats all the way to Heaven?

Me: Yes.

Ace: So everyone’s prayers and incense go up to God?

Me: Yes.

Ace: Does it make God sneeze?

Me: {smiling} Yes, I’m sure sometimes it does.


  1. that's really lovely. faith of a child etc.

  2. How cute!!

  3. Sweet!

  4. This is one of my favorite verses. Lovely!

  5. I love it!!!M.Michelle

  6. I just love these innocent conversations. Yet, another thing I'll miss when they are grown. :( I just pray they keep that innocence forever…

  7. Ah, so now I shouldn't feel too awkward when my nose starts running madly at church? LOL. :)

  8. How sweet!

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