10 Tips for Perfect Red Pascha Eggs

We’ll be dying our eggs on Holy Thursday and in case anyone is doing for the first time or would like to know how to get perfectly dyed red eggs, I thought I’d post some tips that were given to me a few years back by the sisters of the monastery here.

10 tips for Perfect Red Pascha Eggs
red pascha eggs

1. Brown Eggs dye more consistently and give a nicer red.
2. Use Red Wine vinegar NOT distilled
3. Make sure eggs are room temp. before boiling ( I usually set them out from the night before under a blanket)
4. Wash eggs with soapy water and a sponge before dyeing.
5. follow directions on pkg; however if using more than one pack of dye dissolve each pack separately not all at once.
6. As you put eggs into pot DO NOT layer them!
7. Keep water at a constant boil, first batch 10 minutes each subsequent batch 8 minutes.
8. As soon as they come out dry eggs with a soft cloth (they will have spots if you let them air dry) If you took them out without drying immediately put them back in for a few seconds and then take it out and dry it
9. Put a little olive oil on a paper towel and polish while still warm
10. Lay them out on something that won’t leave a print (I use the flat side of bubble wrap)

Unofficial Tip 11. If you want to always win the egg cracking contest, Target sells wooden eggs. Paint one red and go for it! LOL. I have a cheesy sense of humor sometimes, but seriously, I remember years ago my mom painted a ceramic one for my Papou (grandfather) and he’s still the envy of all his coffee house buddies…until they find out! 😉

I pray that you all have a blessed Holy Week and a joyous and glorious Resurrection!

7 thoughts on “10 Tips for Perfect Red Pascha Eggs

  1. Wonderful post, Sylvia- so helpful! Don't forget to tell people use an enamel pots not aluminum. Although my package of dye does say that and you do say in your tips to follow the packet directions. My dad sounds a lot like your Papou- he's been using this trick for years- so cute about your Papou! I love it! ;-)Kali Anastasi!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tips. Want to hear something funny – Father and I got engaged on Easter. He hid my engagement ring in a red egg. When we cracked it, the ring came out! It was very creative@ I hope you have a fruitful Holy Week!

  3. Thanks for the tips! Our red eggs are always more pink than red, lol. I'm going to be trying these tricks out this week.

  4. Where I can find the Greek Dye ? I live in USA , and hard to find any good Dye . Any one can help me appreciate it .

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