The Gardener

Last week Ace had his first school play. It was just a small play that his class put on for parents and then there was a big lunch for everyone.

He had the opening line and was so nervous about having to be the first one to talk (I would be too, lol) but he did a great job. The entire class did. They all looked so adorable pretending to be little vegetables!

The play was about a gardener who planted an onion and when he went to pull it up to make vegetable soup, it was enormous! So one by one each vegetable called another vegetable to help pull. The vegetables and the gardener pulled and pulled but couldn’t get it to budge until the worm came to help. 🙂

I can hardly believe that Kindergarten is almost over. I finally begin to adjust and I’ll be dealing with 1st grade soon! Kindergarten has turned out to be wonderful. Ace *loves* it and gets upset if he has to miss a day. He couldn’t wait to go back after Spring break (?!). I am so glad that he loves his teachers and school so much. I don’t know how I would do it if he hated it. They constantly have different field trips and activities going on and I think that makes a big difference. Right now we’re getting ready for the big Spring concert. They go all out for this. The kids record videos and podcasts and put on a performance followed by a dinner for the parents. He’s so excited! Parents can buy the DVD’s afterward, so I’ll be sure to post some of it.

I am beginning to think this will never get easier for me though. My dad said it doesn’t. He said he dreaded us going back to school every year until we graduated. He’s such a gem, isn’t he? I love my parents to pieces. 🙂

I am really looking forward to the summer even though I know it will fly! Where does the time go? That’s why I try to enjoy every single moment, regardless of how crazy the moment seems at the time. Like this morning when I found Lucky biting off the tip of a glue stick. Is he destined to be the kid who eats paste in Kindergarten? Does paste even still exist?

4 thoughts on “The Gardener

  1. Sylvia,I feel your father's pain. Every year I truly look forward to the period of summer & winding down/spending time with my kids. I get a little sad as September approaches as I realize they are a year older & the countdown to university begins. I'm just thankful everyone is moving in the right direction, they are healthy, happy & productive. This is the way life should be.

  2. That is so beautiful! And funny about Lucky eatting the glue… I wonder if they have glue paste too… so funny… My Mom always tells me to enjoy each season, sounds like you are striving to do just that! Your Dad is super special, I can tell – what a blessing from God!

  3. So cute. What great pics you took of the production and actor!!! I remember boys who ate paste when I was in first and second grade…ew.

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