All my Eggs in One Basket

After an especially long molting season, our chickens have finally begun to lay on a normal schedule. I love collecting the eggs in my little basket. It makes me feel all Caroline Ingalls-ish. And yes, some of those eggs are blue. They come from our Araucana chickens who naturally lay light blue eggs.

Those are the boys favorite. I like to make it a big deal and we joke that we don’t eat green eggs & ham, we eat blue eggs & ham. 🙂 Yeah, we get pretty cheesy around here but we keep ourselves pretty amused.

There are a few hens that seem to be nesting so hopefully we’ll have some new chicks soon! The boys love their spring chickens every year! Unfortunately, there are no new kids like last year. We’re thinking about having her bred again next year though.

Our chickens are definitely one of my favorite things about living our little farm. The fresh eggs and even the sound of our crazy rooster crowing in the morning are things I can’t even imagine living without. I hate eating store bought eggs when we go out for breakfast. They taste so blah to me, they really don’t taste good at all. There’s something so invigorating about it all.

If you’re thinking about getting chickens, this is one of my favorite books. I also love her book on Canning & Preserving. It has some of the best jam recipes I’ve tried.

What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

8 thoughts on “All my Eggs in One Basket

  1. Your picture reminded me of the eggs that my yiayia would feed me in Greece. They were the tastiest eggs I ever had!!! My favorite part of spring is seeing the flowers bloom!

  2. Those are so beautiful! We also have an Aracauna in our little flock, and I love the variety of colors we get. I always look at my eggs and think they're more lovely than any dyed eggs! Simple pleasures!

  3. Hens are wonderful, I used to run a flock of 12 but having moved only have space for two, even so it's very rewarding and my little Henry Nathaniel loves collecting the eggs. My favourate thing about spring is the world waking up again and beginning stretch to the sunshine…rather like myself…I always feel curled up and inward through winter! Being able to live outside again. We're having a lovely spring here in England I hope you all have a wonderful one wherever you are.

  4. Your eggs are lovely…I wish we could have chickens where we live, but we talked to the city and it's not…wish we lived closer to you! I saw that my rhubarb is growing well, with a flowering stalk coming up again….I am looking forward to making a rhubarb strawberry sauce!!! I do love spring!

  5. Winter's browns seem to last forever… these green sprouts just shout "LIFE!" everywhere I look. Having recently moved to a country-ish area from suburbia I'm planting my first vegetable garden this year – a million tomato seedlings are busily growing in my windowsill. I check them about ever hour, still amazed that they're alive. I didn't know I could grow things.We want chickens too! Maybe in a month or so we'll start that. Fresh eggs… mm…..

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