2 thoughts on “Review of A Pocketful of Seeds

  1. Dear Sylvia,I have a very important request to make. I have the opportunity to order some books from and English book-store and I want them to be mainly children books. But they are so many and I don t know exactly what to choose. I ve selected some Beatrix Potter books and some others that I read on other blogs that they are interesting for a 3 year old, but I d really need some more suggestions. So the request is this, could you recommend some children English books (for the ages 3 to 6), with good values (if Orthodox Christian even better, but not necessarily) and great illustration? Maybe you can make a post about this for other mothers from Romania and not only to use too.Thank you very much!Alexandra

  2. I really enjoyed Jane's review of your book. I have yet to see it, but heard it read on UNDER THE GRAPEVINE on A.F.R.I just started a blog, "Good Books For Young Souls", and hope to feature yours and Jane's books on it soon! 🙂

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