incredible. amazing. miraculous.

it’s incredible how one moment you’re not even thinking about babies and the next you can’t stop.

it’s sheer bliss to catch yourself humming lullabies and hugging teeny tiny socks.

it’s amazing how quickly you can love someone you’ve never met.

it’s fascinating to imagine a tiny little person living inside your tummy.

it’s a miracle knowing that every day that little person is preparing for it’s entry into the world.

it’s so exciting to think about the moment when you finally meet your newborn babe.

it’s wonderful being a mama-to-be.



  1. Congrats to you and Glory to God! My sister is in labor as we speak…hopefully tonight is the night. Say a little prayer for her, she's doing a home birth and does not want to go to the hospital.

  2. It's such a miracle to participate with God in creation!!!!

  3. Oh, what a blessing! Congratulations!

  4. So true!Especially wonderful to me is to have another little soul on board! It still makes me marvel that while we create a physical baby, a baby soul is also being created.Many blessings for your pregnancy!You'll be in our prayers!

  5. Rejoicing with you about the news of your next member of the family! God is great~

  6. Many blessings to you! AM so so so happy for you and your family! May God protect you and your family!Love, Adriana

  7. I understand prefectly. Today is my 5th baby's due date. And I've loved every second of the pregnacy. Giving birth is a divine job.

  8. So happy for you!!!!

  9. What a blessing. My sister-in-law will be induced Wednesday if the baby doesn't arrive by then. She's a bit anxious as this is her first.

  10. Blessings to God and prayers for a safe pregnancy :)

  11. How wonderful!! I cannot imagine a more wonderful time….the time of preparation for a new little one….many (((hugs)))sent your way…and many prayers as well!!

  12. How marvellous for you! May God grant mother and baby many years!

  13. Such a blessing! Congratulations!

  14. Thank you all for the kind comments and prayers! Children are truly a blessing and I have been enjoying every moment of being pregnant! :)

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