Orthodox Children’s Ornament Exchange {Sign-ups}

We will be doing our annual Orthodox Children’s Ornament Exchange again this year! In past years, we’ve done book exchanges as well but I think everyone really had fun with the ornament exchange and I received several emails asking if this is something we’d be doing again, so I went with that again this Christmas.

The rules are posted below, so please leave a comment if you would like to participate. It is only one ornament per family and last year, I believe we ended up making a total of nine, which included one to keep at home. If there is a bigger turnout than expected, I will divide the families into groups.

It was a lot of fun and I know my boys loved getting so many fun packages in the mail!

If you would like to participate please sign up a.s.a.p. as I will be posting partners on Saturday!

The rules:


01. Each child will make enough ornaments to send one to each member of his/her group. ORNAMENTS MUST BE HANDMADE.


02. Include a card (handmade or not) making sure that their name is legible.


03. Adding other trinkets, candies, stickers, etc is a nice gesture but it is not required.


04. Packages must be postmarked by Wednesday, December 08, 2010 to ensure time for the children to enjoy their ornaments before Christmas.


Some ideas for ornaments are:

You can pretty much “Orthodox” any ornament idea by adding an icon or something. Old catalogs are perfect for cutting out icons to use. They are the perfect size and there is usually a great selection. The Conciliar Press catalog is my favorite one. Whenever a new one arrives, I look forward to cutting up the old one and making something fun with the boys. :)

If anyone has any questions just ask! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with again this year!!



  1. Sign us up !!! Sophia has been asking….thank you so much for organizing it !

  2. sign me up! :)pravoslavna77@comcast.net-Olena

  3. I love this idea, Sylvia! Not sure if you've ever seen this website, but there are some great kits and ideas. (I wish it had been around when I still had little ones at home!) I'll post this on my FB. :)http://www.orthodoxchristiancraftsupply.com/

  4. Please sign us up! I have to go to the craft store today – I'll start looking for ideas:)Catherine

  5. It was so much fun last year, yes, please sign us up! Thank you again! Mirjana

  6. Oh, we are SO excited about this!Sign us up! Thanks!abed4@comcast.net

  7. My three oldest children would love to participate.Shalome XeniaSeattle, WA

  8. We are in again!Iddy Biddy is sooo excited!

  9. Can I sign up my third grade Sunday School class for this? I have 5 kids that I teach and if they could participate in this it would be such a fun activity for this Sunday. If they can participate, I would want them to all count as one kid in the swap (I hope that makes sense) so that they each would only have to make one or two ornaments.take care, Jayne

  10. Thanks for doing this! Please sign us up. I know my Sophia will love making and mailing ornaments.

  11. My 3 kids would love to do this as well, sign us up.Please let me know where to send!Olgastamps(at)nyc(dot)rr(dot)com

  12. Count us in!

  13. Count my boys in! Thanks!Vicki Dotsikas

  14. Jayne,That would be fine, the only thing is they would have to each make different ornaments so that the other families don't get duplicates. I know this might be a little a difficult but wanted to at least offer the option in case it will work for you. Let me know before Saturday so I can organize groups if necessary. :)So glad you guys are excited about this too!

  15. ok, we'll sign up too!

  16. Sylvia, I'll have a whole bunch of different supplies and pictures for them to use so the ornaments should all turn out different. Thanks for accommodating my class into this ornament swap. Much appreciated. I'm sure they'll enjoy making the ornaments and cards. :)

  17. I would like to sign my family up also. Thank you!

  18. ATTENTION: Please email me (sylvia{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com) your children's name(s), age and mailing address.I will be sending a group email on Saturday with the specifics for each group. Thank you! :)

  19. I am still waiting on several people to email me with their children/shipping info! I do not have contact info for you, so please email me asap so I can send the group email! :) Thanks!!

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