Ready or Not!

It’s almost time for our wee one to make its entrance! I wanted to post updates on my pregnancy more often but, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t had the time to post as often as I usually do.

I’ve been busy savoring time at home with Ace and Lucky and working on a couple of projects I hope will be finished by the time Sprout arrives.

We never find out the gender of the baby, entirely because I love surprises and it doesn’t really matter to me what it is. I pray for healthy children and that’s it. I’d love a girl as much as I’d love another little boy to fill our house with more love and laughter. I know some members of our family are hoping for a girl and others are praying hard for another boy but no one will know for sure for about five more weeks! I told DH if it wasn’t wrong to gamble, we’d be able to pay off the delivery by taking everyone’s bets! 😉

Thank God, I’ve had a very easy pregnancy again overall and am just now beginning to feel “ready”. I’ve been swelling and aching and all the other uncomfortable things that come along in the final stretch of pregnancy. Part of me can’t wait to hold the baby in my arms at last and another part of me is trying to enjoy the kicks and wiggles from inside my tummy. What a beautiful and miraculous thing pregnancy is. I think God made the ninth month as uncomfortable as it is because otherwise we might want to stay pregnant forever to feel that little miracle grow and live inside of us.

I love that there are always a couple of years in between babies in our family. It gives me time to spend with each of them individually and by the time the next baby comes I am ready to change diapers again and smell the precious scent of baby wash and Dreft detergent. 🙂 I don’t mind having sleepless nights again and I try to take advantage of nursing in the wee morning hours by spending precious quiet time bonding with the new babe.

The boys are very excited to meet their new sibling and are already volunteering to help with whatever they can think of. Though no one has offered to assist in diaper changing yet…

The nursery is ready and I’m hoping to pull the bins of baby clothes down from the attic this week to begin washing and filling the drawers with tiny socks and onesies. I love how fresh and alive the house begins to feel when anticipating a new baby.

I love to read these prayers every morning and have kept my icon of Panagia Elevtherotria nearby at all times…soon she’ll be on the table next to my bedside at the hospital! I can hardly wait!


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  1. We must be due right around the same time. Which icons are usually taken to the hospital? Are there any other Orthodox traditions surrounding the birth? All I really know about is the prayers the priest does after the birth and for the naming, and the 40 days rest before the baptism.

  2. Thank you all for your prayers! They mean so much to me! Liz, I think the traditions vary between individual families. I generally just read the prayers mentioned in my post and I always take an icon of the Panagia Elevtherotria (Mother of God Birthgiver) to the hospital with me. I also like to make (or buy) a tiny prayer rope for the baby and I bring holy oil along to bless him/her with. But those are just things that I do personally, I'm sure everyone has their own traditions. That would make a good post wouldn't it? I'm interested in learning about it too! 🙂 Kali Elevtheria with your baby! What a blessing it is for us mothers!Angela, I purchased the book from It's one of my boy's favorites!

  3. Thanks! I am a relatively new Orthodox Christian so I wanted to make sure there was nothing I was missing. And yes, that would make for an interesting post!

  4. i posted this in another comment reel by mistake so I am reposting here. ( forgive me, i am new at this) anyway, sylvia, kali eleftheria, kai me ena pono ( with one pain, translation have an easy birth) if you are not aware there is also an icon of panagia galactoforousa ( milk bearer) Panagia is nursing the infant child Jesus. I pray that your nursing experience ( even in the wee hours of the morning) are wonderful experiences and may Panagia's example of motherhood guide you.

  5. Blessings to you, and we will hold you in prayer as you anticipate your little one's birth!We just had our 3rd child (2nd daughter) in December. I love to think of the middle of the night wakings as extra moments for very special prayers, and as an inquirer into Orthodoxy, I have been pleasantly surprised at how fragments of the chanted Liturgy fill my mind in those very first moments transitioning from sleep to waking – it's almost as if I can hear the angels worship. Be blessed,Pauline

  6. Katerina and Pauline,thank you for your prayers. Yes I've seen that icon! I certainly am looking forward to those wee hours nursing! They are special indeed… <3Jayne, the bear is called "Brennan Bear". He is from GapKids. I found him on sale for $11.99 on black Friday. They bring different versions of him throughout the year. One Christmas my sister got us a red knit one that plays music. 🙂

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