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Last weekend I took the boys to the hospital for the Sibling Class. They had such a great time! They watched a funny little video about babies and being a big brother or sister. The instructor let them pick out a baby doll or stuffed animal and then showed them how to properly hold a baby and how they could help Mommy change and swaddle them.

Then they got to choose from oodles of stickers and markers and confetti to make a card for the new baby’s bassinet.

Ace made two. The first one he cut into the shape of a goat. The second one, he glued his picture and wrote a longer note, reminding the baby of the benefit of being a boy and playing with GI Joes.

Lucky, who is now rooting for a girl for the first time since the beginning of my pregnancy, glued his picture and gave me very detailed instructions on what to write on the card. He wanted to remind the baby how much fun he and Ace are and how much the baby is going to love them. 🙂

I finally put together sibling kits for them too. I made little tags that say “Biggest Brother and Big Brother” and filled them with goodies to keep them busy while they are waiting for their new brother or sister. Luckily, my mom is flying in this week and will keep them busy. They love their Yiayia!

I filled them with things like mini coloring/activity books, crayons, a lollipop, coin purses with change for the vending machines, bubbles (they’ll be outside feeding the ducks while they wait), flashlights, big brother books, a big brother t-shirt and their cameras. I love the idea of them taking photos of their idea of how the day played out. I’m going to develop them and put them in little albums for their keepsake boxes.

I found these old-fashioned coin purses. I picked them up from a boutique near my house for two bucks each. Of course, I got them in their favorite colors.

I also found some fun Lego kits at TJ Maxx for $4.99. The boys will go home to spend a special night alone with Baba and I figured this will give them something fun to do together. So…now all we’re doing is waiting anxiously for the big day to arrive! I’m so excited!

10 thoughts on “Sibling Kits & Classes

  1. Oh, Sylvia. They'll be such awesome Big Brothers. :)I remember those days with my kids so fondly – they were so excited to go to the hospital to meet their new sibling with their Big Brother/Big Sister t-shirts on! The little kits you made are so cute!

  2. Thank you all for the kind words! The boys loved their little kits and it really did help them feel special on the big day. 🙂 Though once the baby came, all they wanted to do was hold him and the cases were forgotten but I wouldn't have had it any other way. 🙂 They did bring them back and forth to the hospital each day though, lol.

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