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I mentioned on Facebook last week, that I was thinking about starting a book club (or a Book of the Month Club) here on Adventures of an Orthodox Mom.  I haven’t ironed out all the details yet but right now I’m thinking it would be great if we can have get through one book per month.  I’ll assign a set amount of chapters and then we can meet here on a certain day and time to discuss each assignment.  Skype has a way of creating just chat rooms, so no webcams are involved, that might be another option for our discussions.

There are so many incredible Orthodox books that I really want the focus to be on them, but I love the classics too and wouldn’t mind throwing some of them in the mix too.  I’m also excited that several Orthodox titles are now available in e-format!

Everyone is welcome to join in, this isn’t just for Orthodox moms.  If you’re interested in learning more about the lives of our saints, holy elders and faith, feel free to sign up!  I just ask that everyone be respectful of others opinions.

So…any takers?  I’d love to hear any book recommendations you might have too!  I’ve never hosted an online book club, so any suggestions on how to better organize this will be appreciated (cough, cough, Mimi)!

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  1. Sylvia, Great idea ! I would love to do it…have absolutely NO help to give you about online book club but would be willing to learn and iron out the kinks with you !

  2. I'm in 🙂 I own at least two of the books in the photo. My nouna just gifted me Wounded by Love. I'm barely into it. Hubby has devoured it though…it must be good!

  3. I'm in! *If* we are all on facebook, you can make a group just for the book club, and then add all of us in it. Then we can chat there. That's the only other thing I know besides skype…

  4. I would love love love to do this. My only suggestions, tailored to fit me, of course, is that 1: please give us at least a month's notice on each book, so I can have time to save up, find, and buy it, and probably wait to have it shipped, and 2: I work full time so Skyping would have to be an evening thing, if at all possible.

  5. As I stated on FB, I'm game and would love to expand my Orthodox book repitoire! There are so many options available for online book clubs that it's hard to pick just one 🙂 As someone said, there could be an FB group where we discuss things there. There are a couple of free online group hosting things (I use BigTent) in which there could be discussion via a discussion board. Of course, as mentioned skype so that it is an actual discussion in real time. Yahoo groups is an option. I know I'm forgetting some things but I'm sure more experienced people can come up with great suggestions!

  6. Oh, hee! I got so interested in telling you I wanted to participate I forgot to respond to your question.The way I have done it on Facebook is to create notes, and tag those who are interested. Being tagged does not require participation, nor does not being tagged keep you from participating, but it aids people in finding them.In real life, when we discuss books at Book Club, we discuss the whole thing in a chunk. When I do them on Facebook (or on my blog, when I've done it there) I break it up into sections for ease.I write my own questions, but you can find a lot of questions online, although I don't know how many Orthodox books would be available with questions. readinggroupguides.com is a good clearing house for them, but you can also just Google the name of the book and often (especially if it is a classic) you can find questions on SparkNotes or CliffNotes.

  7. I would love to be a part of this. This is exactly what I've been looking for for quite some time. As a SAHM and Orthodox it would be great to feel some connection and have discussions with other Orthodox moms.

  8. I would love to do this!! I enjoyed Father Arseny, Royal Monastic, and The Purple Mantle and would not mind reading them again. The last two are young adult books but still good. I'm also trying to get through With Pain and Love and My Life in Christ.

  9. I would love to be involved in this as I have been wanting to read more orthodox books especially recently. Not sure how the real time skype thing would work as I'm in Australia and don't have skype? But it would be easy to upload I'm sure?

  10. I'm not a Mom I'm potentially interested (saw this from the http://byztex.blogspot.com/blog).Some hints from my prior book club experience: 1) Use Dn. Michael Hyatt’s ‘Net Out’ format as one idea for the book review discussion guide (cf. http://michaelhyatt.com/inside-my-mentoring-group.html and http://michaelhyatt.com/myresources/book-net-out-how-to-really-love-your-child.pdf).2) Try to have three months books queued up so folks can get books early. 3) Use online surveys to pick the book for the reading list. 4) Post study guides, discussion guides or other book review docs to a shared online group (Google Docs is great for this, as is Yahoo Groups), http://byztex.blogspot.com/. 5) Consider having a ‘book reviewer’ head each month’s discussion. This person would create a study guide and lead the discussion. Then this role would rotate to another person (this is another reason to have multiple months notice on the book — the discussion person might need extra time to prepare this). 6) Consider an asyncronous option (discussion board or GoodReads page) as a supplement to real-time discussion to extend the reach of your group and cater to those in other time zones or who can’t make a real time session.7) Consider integrating GoodReads or Library thing or other book review sites into your blog or group to provide a more extended way to socialize books (e.g. share books and comments on books that aren’t part of the monthly docket).8) Consider having a Facebook and/or Twitter feed associated with your main site or blog.9) Consider giving priority to Orthodox books available in Kindle/Nook eBook format (makes the Net Out quotes (PDF page 3 above) much easier to create and gives more options to readers, for example, the ability to share in Social Media quotes from the eBook).

  11. I would welcome the opportunity to participate in your book club. I have neve done a virtual book club but would be happy to work through it with you. God bless you for coming up with the idea and posting it for all of us! Book suggestions: the books on Father Arseny may be a good start.

  12. I would love to try the book club. I'm a convert and wet behind the ears, so this would be wonderful for me. I also have a procrastination habit so it could be a challenge. 🙂

  13. Would love to participate in this. My husband and I are currently in the process of learning more about and considering the Orthodox faith, so this would be a great way for me to learn some things. =o)

  14. I would love to participate. I tried starting a traditional book club at our parish but had trouble keeping people interested! Very excited about an online one!

  15. Awesome response! I'm so excited so many of you are interested. Christians, you do not have to be a mom, or orthodox even, to participate. Everyone is welcome to read along!Thank you all for the tips! I'm looking into all of them to see what would be the best fit. I'm leaning against facebook because I don't want to encourage anyone to open an account that doesn't already have one. Your spouses would not thank me. 😉 I'm also beginning to see that something "live" may not be best either due to conflicting work schedules and time zones. So maybe if we do like a yahoo group or something, we can give a date and can discuss the book throughout the whole day. Thoughts? I am planning on beginning March first. I will announce the title once it's decided for sure. I am also hoping to work out a deal with an Orthodox booksellers to offer a discount on the "book of the month". I'll offer three titles at a time so the least amount of time you'll have to save and order the book will be a month, maximum three. Keep the suggestions coming, I really appreciate them and am looking forward to this!

  16. My favorite books are the lives of the saints…a book club sounds wonderful for fellowship..I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  17. I am part of an online book club….it is fiction and we read two books a month! I also am a part of a IRL one, that I love too! We have someone lead a discussion online at the end of the month for about a week! It is a lot of fun!

  18. I think this sounds like fun. Agreed that we need time to obtain the book even before we consider reading time!I loved the novel "Falling in Love with Sophia." It is also available in Kindle format.

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