Lucky from General Hospital discovers Orthodoxy

It is always so amazing to see people from so many different backgrounds and lifestyles find common grounds in Orthodoxy. How Christ truly came and established His church, our church, for every single person ever created. And when people truly seek Him, with open hearts and humility, He leads them to the Truth. Glory to God for all things!

So, what am I ranting about?

My aunt in Ohio just tuned in to Ancient Faith Radio and saw this interview on the Roads to Emmaus podcast with Emmy award-winning actor, Jonathan Jackson, best known for his role as Lucky from General Hospital. He and his family are now Catechumens in the Orthodox Church! How cool is that? Yes, as a former General Hospital junkie, this makes me very excited. Celebrities have the opportunity to really make a difference, just look at Troy Polamalu. Perhaps, that is the path God will set before Jonathan too. His will be done! 🙂

They are planning on being baptized on Pascha, so maybe you could remember to light an extra candle and whisper a little prayer for them that night. 

If I had to pick my favorite part, and that’s a difficult thing to do because I really love this, but if I had to choose one thing he said, it would be what he said when Fr. Andrew asked him,  “What message would you give to your fans about Orthodox Christianity?” 

And he responded,

“Wow.  Well, I would have to err on the side of less words and more reliance on prayer and encountering that person I was talking to.  I would say it is the most beautiful thing that you could ever experience.  That, for God so loved the world that He gave, that’s what it is to me.  And it’s available for the whole world, for all of creation.  If someone is drawn towards Christ, then this is the perfect home. If you come from a different background or tradition, it will be most likely a little awkward at times but there is a blessing and a transcendence on the other side of awkward that is worth it.”


This interview is absolutely spectacular.  He speaks with a very humble and zealous heart and I pray God continues to strengthen him and his family in the Faith.  It is truly beautiful and I encourage all of you to listen…

Also, keep an eye out for his upcoming book, Acting in the Spirit, which focuses on having an acting career within the boundaries of a Christian faith.  

7 thoughts on “Lucky from General Hospital discovers Orthodoxy

  1. He and his wife go to my church! He told me about his career in acting, but I didn't realize he was this famous! They are very humble people, and I loved hearing their story of Orthodoxy.

  2. Christiana, he seemed very humble in his interview. What a great guy. I pray God continues to bless their family! Fr. Andrew, I'm off to check it out now! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow! This is so incredible. I agree, he was so humble in his interview. Great idea to light a candle for them! Thanks for sharing!

  4. We who were blessed to be born into the Orthodox faith need to listen to this interview. As I sat back and listened to him I realized how much we take our Orthodox faith for granted and how much more knowledgable and humble he is than we are. I will be reading some of the books he has recommended and strive to learn and understand our beautiful faith.Just shared this on facebook too. Beautiful. God bless them.

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