Paschal Traditions

Last night, we watched The Passion on Netflix.  I really need to watch it once a week to help me remember the sacrifice He made for us.

Ace watched it for the first time, too.  Normally, he watches Jesus of Nazareth but this year he really wanted to watch it, so I let him.  He covered his face during some of the scenes and became pretty emotional and I started to wonder if maybe he was still a little young for it but then he got up and read the Akathist to the Cross of Christ after it was over.  I’m glad he felt those emotions and is beginning to understand what Holy Week, and ultimately our entire Faith, is based upon.

Tomorrow, I’ll dye our eggs and begin wearing black until Pascha.  I could remember the older ladies in church doing that when I was young and when Ace was a baby I tried it out and liked it.  It helps me to remember that we are supposed to be in mourning for our Lord Jesus.  When Pascha arrives, it feels so much more joyous to put on white!  I don’t let the boys turn the tv on during those days and try to come up with different activities for them to keep their focus.  Coloring pages, Holy Week themed books, decorating little crosses, reading through their Journey to Pascha binder, playing with their Resurrection Eggs.  It usually takes a bit of effort but it’s worth it, I think.  Check out the post Holy Week Activities for Kids for other fun ideas.

Don’t forget to read the 10 Tips for Perfect Red Eggs  before you dye yours!  There are some great tips from the sisters of our monastery.

We’ll be having Pascha at our house again.  This year we took the baby lamb that was born last Lazarus Saturday to be slaughtered.  It was sort of sad, it’s the first of our own sheep that we’ve killed, but I try not to become too attached to them.  That’s why we have them, after all.

We do a potluck style picnic every year, we make the lamb, a few sides and dessert, and everyone else brings a couple yummy dishes, drinks, etc.  It is always such a great time.  We start early enough that we can all attend the Agape service that usually starts somewhere between 4:00-5:00 p.m.  Last year, I missed it because I was still in my 40 days and was only given a blessing to attend the Anastasi service, so I’m really looking forward to that too.

What are your Pascha plans?

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