Holy Week Coloring Pages

Some of you have emailed or sent messages via Facebook, asking about the Holy Week coloring pages.  I have re-uploaded the images and wanted to post a link so you could access them without a lot of searching.

Again, don’t mind some of the scribbles.  Ace got to them before I had a chance to scan them.  I”m hoping to get some better ones up for next year.

image via transfiguration.org

Here’s a link to a post on OrthodoxWiki about Holy Week.  It has links to the twelve Gospel readings that will be read in church tonight.  This year, I thought I’d read through some of them with the boys.  When I do this on Saturday nights, with Sunday’s readings, they seem to be more attentive when the priest reads them.  Here’s to hoping it will work 12 times tonight!  😀

Also, here’s an excerpt from the blog Insane Ramblings and Orthodox Ecclesiology.  Nik has outlined each day of Holy Week, describing all of the main events.  It’s a great post, check it out here.

Great & Holy Thursday (April 12):
During the Matins Service or the Service of the 12 Passion Gospels on Holy Thursday night we “accompany Christ, step by step, from the time of His last discourse with His disciples to His being laid in a new tomb by Joseph of Arimethea and Nicodemus. Each of the 12 Gospel sections read during the evening service involves us in a new scene: the arrest of Jesus; His trial; the threefold denial of St. Peter; the scourging and the mockings by the soldiers; the carrying of the Cross; the Crucifixion; the opposing fates of the two thieves; the loving tenderness of the moment when Jesus commits His Mother to the care of His faithful disciple, John; and the Lord’s final yielding up of the spirit and burial” (Fr. Paul Lazor). The liturgical hymnography for that night comments on the Gospel readings and gives the response of the Church to these events in the life of Christ. During this service the faithful hold lit candles during the Gospel lessons while kneeling, and in large parishes Church bells are rung before each reading: once for the first reading, twice for the second, and so on.

Have a blessed Holy Thursday!