Peter Rabbit Party

Today we had Sprout’s 1st birthday party!  His actual birthday was on March 25 but didn’t want to throw the party during Lent.

I’ve always loved Peter Rabbit and all my boys are fond of Beatrix Potter stories, so we decided this would be a fun theme! And it definitely was!  I was able to find lots of budget-friendly ideas and since all the Easter stuff was on sale everywhere, it worked out great.

My mom and sister were here this year and are always such a big help.  I love having them around during parties, we make such a great team.

I ordered a pre-iced cake from Publix and then decorated it at home.  I used crushed Oreos, oats, Tic Tacs and Jelly Belly carrots and peas for the decorations.  The hedge is made from Rice Krispy treats with green food coloring and the garden gate from Kraft breadsticks.  The Peter Rabbit and shovel were cut out from an extra invitation.

The dessert table had lots of fun and easy things on it.

I dipped strawberries in orange candy melts to look like carrots, made Oreo truffles and dipped them in green candy melts like lettuce heads.  We added sugar cookies shaped like carrots to baking cups with crushed oreos at the bottom, I cut the tops of the carrots off and added a toothpick with a green ribbon on top.  Lemonade was served in Starbucks coffee bottles with paper straws.

There was also a plate of “Mrs. McGregor’s Cherry Pies”.  The recipe for that is here.

We also served the traditional ‘dirt” dessert with a few cookie carrots in top.

On the h’ordervour table we had mini clay pots of hummus with baby carrots in the top, Mr. McGregor’s garden (veggie tray), baby carrots and ranch in a cup, and these delicious watermelon cups stuffed with feta, shallots and mint.  These were a bit more work (thanks mommy :)) but sooo yummy!

We wrapped green forks in orange napkins and tied them with pipe cleaners to look like carrots and I placed them all in a white wicker basket.

For favors, I gave each child a pot with a cupcake and Wilton candy grass sprouts (I found that at Target in the clearance Easter aisle) and a packet of seeds.  We sprinkled some crushed Oreos on top to look like dirt.

For decorations, I used watering cans filled with different herbs, a Peter Rabbit suitcase, stuffed doll, and pull toy.  I also found some really pretty artificial plants at Michael’s for like a dollar.  I also placed fresh long stemmed carrots and beets in a clear glass jar with crushed Oreos at the bottom.

It was so much fun!  I was really pleased with the way everything turned out and Sprout wore his little carrot and bunny Mud Pie romper.  He went crazy with his smash cake too.  At first, he wasn’t sure what to do but when we gave him a taste of the icing he decided it might not be so bad.  He ate quite a bit and when we decided it was enough, he cried for it back.  Of course, I gave him a little more.  🙂


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  1. So glad I stumbled across this for a couple of reasons! My son turns one next March and I was thinking of ideas for his birthday party. I love the ideas posted here. We, too, are Orthodox (Antiochian) so I will have to follow your blogs more often. thank you!

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