Orthodox Saint Activity Binders

Yesterday afternoon, the boys and I put together a couple of new binders.

Saints of North America and Saints in Times of Trouble are two wonderful pdf’s available for free from the OCA Department of Religious Education.

They’re actually not new, many of you may already have them at home, but I printed them both out several years ago before realizing they were too advanced for my boys at that time.

Since we’re going to be doing quite a bit of traveling this summer, I was trying to think of activities to take with us that would keep the kids entertained but teach them something too. That’s when I remembered these printouts.

They’re terrific! They include a coloring page and brief account of each saints life, along with a page of journal prompts and two other activities per saint. There’s also a map that charts the journey each saint took in their lifetime. So, not only will your child learn about the life of that saint but they’ll also get a brief geography lesson. The journal prompts help them to recall important events that happened in each story, as do the other activities.

I think this will be a great way for them to learn about saints we’re not that familiar with while we’re on the go!

Ace is the perfect age for this but Lucky wanted to be included too. So, I printed out another set of just coloring pages and maps for him and placed them inside one of those plastic folders with the prongs.

The Saints of North America maps are going to be a lot of fun because we’ll be passing through or visiting some of those places, either on our road trip to Ohio or other travels this summer.  The boys have been looking through them all day today, trying to mark the places they hope we see.


You can download them both free of charge here.


Happy binder making!  🙂

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