The Scent of Holiness

I first met Constantina about ten years ago at St. Anthony’s monastery in Arizona.  I’ve followed her updates via email since then.  I rejoiced when she and her husband were baptized into the Orthodox Church, marveled at their experiences as missionaries in Seoul, and whispered Axios at the news of John’s calling to the priesthood in Thessaloniki.

I have always been inspired by her perspective of life and desire to serve others.  Which is why I couldn’t be more excited about her upcoming book, The Scent of Holiness.

Below is the trailer for the book.  If this is any indication of the beauty and grace that will be found within it’s pages, this book is bound to be a treasure for all.

The Scent of Holiness will be released by Conciliar Press this fall.  Call 1-800-967-7377 to pre-order.  Also, be sure to check out her blog, Lessons from a Monastery.

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