welcoming the new ecclesiastical year.

today after school, the boys each chose an icon to put outside our front door to welcome in the new ecclesiastical year. 

i chose the kursk root icon of the Mother of God and lucky chose Christ on the Cross.  ace chose st. demetrios. he recently learned his troparion and was really moved by the brief mention of his story in the purple mantle.


of course, like i mentioned last year, that this was more of a yiayia tradition than a church tradition, but it’s something the boys look forward to and i am happy to keep it going.

we place the icon on the doorstep and then pray to God, through the prayers of whichever saints we chose + our patron saints, to bless our home and our family in the coming year.  to fill it with faith, love, health, and laughter and to protect us from evil, both visible and invisible.

the next morning we bring them in and return them to their places in our home.

blessing to you in this new ecclesiastical year!  may your home and family be blessed!

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