DIY Lego Travel Case

Like most boys, my boys are obsessed with legos.  And honestly, I don’t mind.  I’ve had serious thoughts of hiding them away for all eternity because I’m tired of walking across the house at any given time and stepping on dozens of them (and trust me, it hurts), but I don’t.  It’s too much fun watching them use their imaginations to create people and creatures and buildings that truly amaze me.  So in the end, I decide to keep them in the playroom.  But then I vacuum my car and an undisclosed number of them get swept up.  Now, anyone who buys legos knows they’re not cheap.  So, having them in the vacuum bag instead of the lego table is a little annoying.

And that is really my biggest complaint, finding them all over and constantly losing them.  They literally take them everywhere we go and even my beloved ziplocs just aren’t cutting it anymore.

So, today I made a trip to Toys R Us and bought two lego baseplates for $5.99 (they’re $1 cheaper online).  I had a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon, so I got them both for about $8.00.  No complaints there.

Then, I headed to Hobby Lobby to look for some sort of lunch box or case to glue them to.  I found these plain wooden boxes for $6.99 and 40% off, so that was great.

I got a slightly smaller one for Sprout.  I also didn’t glue his baseplate down.  I am debating whether or not to use the regular sized one or get a lego duplo one.  He really likes the regular legos better, but all those little pieces still make me nervous.

First, I painted them.

Next, I cut the baseplate down to size.  I cut two rows off the width and eleven off the length.  I carefully bent them down the row I wanted to cut and they broke off fairly easily.  Then I used my xacto knife to trim the edges.

Then, I glued the baseplate down with the hot glue gun, I’m not sure how long that’s going to hold it long term,  I may have to re-glue them with something else.  But for now, it’s perfect.

Ace and Lucky have already filled them with Legos and built their creations on the baseplate.  I can’t wait to use these when we travel!

I also realized when I was writing this post, that I never posted photos of the Lego birthday party I threw for Lucky and Ace last year.  I promise to do that soon!  🙂

5 thoughts on “DIY Lego Travel Case

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    1. Yes, the hot glue worked! They still use them and we’ve never had any problems with them! Good luck with yours! 🙂

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