Recycle Old Christmas Cards

I have a confession to make.  I’m a bit of a pack rat.  Ok, I’m a borderline hoarder, but seriously, I only keep things that either have sentimental value or are totally uselessfull.

Like Christmas cards, for example.  I don’t keep all of them (duh), just the ones that have special messages written inside, or photos of my favorite kiddos, or are from people close to my heart.  I usually just stuff them into a manila envelope and pack them away with the Christmas stuff.

Each year when I unpack, I go through them, offer a few “Oh my, how they’ve grown!”‘s and then put them back. What else is there to do with them?

But then… I found this totally awesome idea on Pinterest (where else?).  It seriously took me like five minutes to do three years worth of cards and they make adorable decorations on my end tables now.  Even the boys enjoyed looking through them!

All you do is punch holes in the upper left hand corners of the cards, slip a split ring through them and add a few ribbons.  I added a Christmas tag to each stack and wrote the year on the back, too.  Voila!  Christmas craft in no time!

So before you toss all of those heartfelt Christmas greetings, pick out a few you’d like to recycle and use as decoration next year!

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