feels like springtime

the weather lately has been so crazy here.  one week it’s freezing and down in the teens at night and then the following week it’s in the high 70’s.  the past few days have felt more like spring than winter and it makes me wonder if winter is going to show up this year or not.

yesterday, the boys and i played outside for awhile and ace convinced me to dust off my old bike and take them up the street.  i’ve always loved riding my bike and didn’t realize how long it had been.  once the babies started coming, i sort of gave it up.  we moved on to regular walks and wagon rides.  or the big boys would ride their bikes and i would push the stroller alongside them.  but man, i had so much fun yesterday that i am off to wal-mart today to buy a new basket and am planning to enjoy my old huffy for as long as the weather allows.

it’s the sort of weather that makes me want to pull out my gardening gloves and dig in the dirt.  i did pull out my seed catalog this morning and make a list of what we want to plant soon.  Every year we order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  i love this company.  they sell pure heirloom seeds and everything we’ve ever ordered from them has turned out terrific.  it’s important to me to know what kind of seeds i’m getting.  we make such an effort to buy organic and i think it’s equally important to make sure what we’re growing is just as good. baker creek fights for pure seeds and that is something that is very important to me.

we’ll also be adding some eggs to the incubator in a few days so that we have lots of new spring chickens!  the boys always look forward to that and this is the first year sprout will actually know what’s going on.  i can’t wait.  🙂

lucky has been busy painting the sidewalk with these awesome sidewalk paints we got in one of our wonderboxes.  they are so cool!

as soon as ours run out, i’m definitely going to try some of the recipes to make your own.  the paint is also great because it takes longer to actually draw with it and my boys always seems to scrape their chalk down to a stub so fast and then the fun is over.  and the paint dries really nice, too.  the boys  had so much fun with it.

i think we’ll be pulling out the bubbles later today.  springtime and bubbles just go together, don’t they?  by the way, have you guys seen this commercial?  It makes me smile.

what are some of your favorite things to do in the spring?

3 thoughts on “feels like springtime

  1. lovely commercial! I and Mr. Husband do not have a TV so was nice to see this… 🙂 It just got cold again here! it is such strange weather these days! It’s only mid-January! Enjoy your bike riding!

  2. we went to the Baker Creek shop in Missouri a year and half ago…my husband was like a little boy in a candy shop! ♥ I went to see the many animals they have there, pretty and exotic chickens (like Silky Bantams), this was before we got our chickens, and when I came back to the seed shop, Rob had spend $200 alone on seeds!!! We talked a lot with Dave, you know the guy in the catalog with the big beard: http://thescrumptiouslife.blogspot.com/2011/06/heading-out-west.html

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