the giving plate {another diy sharpie project}


Awhile ago, I posted a tutorial on DIY Sharpie mugs. Since then, I’ve done quite a few different projects using the same process. Of course, my NYC mug is still my favorite. But, DH and I use our everyday mugs quite often. I have heard some people say that their writing scrubbed off after using them, but I haven’t had that problem yet. My NYC mug is decoration, so I can’t say I’ve actually washed that one. It did rub off a little before I baked it, but after that it’s set pretty good.

These mugs below have been used and reused and they’re fine too. I think the finish on the piece you’re trying to write on might make a difference. The higher gloss the item is, the more likely it is to rub off. I try to find things that aren’t super glazed.


For this project, I used a Sharpie paint pen. After they baked, I noticed the writing still had a slight texture to it and so I’m not sure if they’ll hold up as well as the other things, but I think these plates will be used more for decoration anyway.

These are great to give to neighbors at Christmastime filled with different cookies. I also think they’d make an awesome housewarming gift. You could add some everyday items like a handknit dishcloth, cake server, etc. to the top and wrap it in tulle or cellophane.

I first saw the idea at a little farm store and thought it was such a sweet idea. They were selling for over $20.00 though and I knew I could make one for less than half of that. So, I headed to Wal-Mart and picked up a bunch of plates and then went to Jo-Ann’s and bought the Sharpie paint pen. BTW, if you’re a crafter and have an iPhone, be sure to download the apps for Jo-Ann’s, Michael’s and my all-time favorite, Hobby Lobby. They always have awesome coupons and if you’re like me and always forgetting your paper coupons at home or in the car, this app is really helpful. Some Jo-Ann’s (like mine) will let you use as many coupons as you have on the same transaction, which saves you a ton of money and keeps me going back!


I bought two different style plates. The one below seemed to look better even though I liked the design of the other one. It just seemed to look more uniform with the circle around the actual poem. This isn’t the poem that was on the ones at the farm store, I found this one online and liked it much better. It reads,

“This plate shall have no owner for its journey never ends,

It travels in a circle of our family and friends.

It carries love from home to home for everyone to share,

The food that’s placed upon it was made with love and care.

So please enjoy what’s on the plate

Then fill it up again,

Then pass along the love it holds to your family and friends.”

I just love how these came out and wish I would’ve had time to make more of them before Christmas. Luckily, I was a slacker this year and barely passed out cookies. But, God-willing I’ll be giving lots of these away next year!


After writing on them, I baked them for 35 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Once the cooled completely, I wrapped them up in paper grocery bags. Then I stuck a paper doily on the bag using double sided tape. I used a ‘handmade by’ stamp on the doily and a little ‘paris, france’ postmark stamp in the corner of the paper bag and tied the package with baker’s twine.


The grocery bags worked perfectly because of the way the folded. I didn’t want to put them in gift bags and wrapping paper would have been tricky because they’re circular, so I’m glad I tried the paper bags. It gave them an old-fashioned kind of feel, and I loved that.


Have fun making these! Let me know what kind of marker you use and if you find anything that works or doesn’t work! xoxo

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  1. They had similar message on cookie tins sold by the dollar store last year. We made rum balls and wrote on the bottom of the can year, family name, city, state and hope that they will keep passing it on and adding their name to the bottom of the can. The recipients can see all the places and families the cans have passed through. Also used the mug idea for everyone to sign with a message at graduation of one of the children. Beautiful packaging.

    1. Oh how cute! What a fun idea to write the names of all the homes it visits! Love that!! And rum balls are the yummiest. 🙂

  2. Can these be baked more than once? Like if you add the names from the homes they have been at to the bottom of the plate and bake it would that be ok you think? I like the idea of adding the names but not sure if the baking process can be done again.

    1. Athena, I’ve never tried baking them more than once. Twice maybe, but to bake it every time it goes to a different house, I’m really not sure! If you try it, let me know though! 🙂

  3. I just saw this and really like it. However, just a gentle reminder that the “it’s” should be without an apostrophe as that is the contraction for “it is”. Possessive “its” is without an apostrophe.

    1. Oh my gosh, you’re right!! I copied it from a poem and didn’t even catch that! That’s going to drive me CRAZY now, lol. Thanks Ellen! 🙂

  4. I love it!!!! any suggestions as to how else I could copy the wording? My hand writing is not that great.

    1. Hmmm…not sure how else you would do it that would be able to be washed and reused. Have you checked sites like Pinterest? Maybe they have an alternate method! Otherwise, borrow a friend or family member with pretty handwriting! 😉

    2. i know this is 2 years later but i just say these posts. I took the poem and printed on a copier so it was toner ink then covered with clear packing tape cut around the saying. i then put the paper cover tape into warm water for about 20 minutes to break down the pulp. the paper peeled right off the tape leaving the poem on the clear tape. its still alittle sticky so i lace on the place sticky side down..smoothed all the water out and dabbed dry. after sitting until dry I sprayed with clear acrylic coat. I also had my little one use acrylic paint to make fingerprint xmas lights around the edge so to spray the whole plate worked awesome. hope this dollar store plates came out awesome!

      1. Great idea, Beth! I bet they look adorable with the finger prints, too! Thanks for taking the time to share! 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to try this. Many years ago I did “Santa Letters” on plates for my nieces and nephews. I used paint markers. Didn’t bake them. Of course they are ony used once a year and are mostly used as decoration. Looking forward to sharing with others. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. I haven’t tried this yet, but the Sharpie mugs have been on my “to-do” for a while. I heard that using ceramic pens instead of Sharpies will make the text last longer. I was going to suggest for people with bad handwriting, you could use a glass plate with a vinyl stencil and Armor Etch instead. The stencil would have to be in reverse, so it’s probably only possible with a Cricut or Silhouette or something.

  7. Thank you for the lovely ideas … can you place food directly on the plate or do you have to separate the food from the plate?
    Can it be any plate or mug? Or does it have to be purchased from a Craft Store?
    Thanks so much!

    1. I wondered the same thing – lots of times food “crafts” say NOT to put food directly on plate….?

      1. I wouldn’t recommend baking anything on it but to use it as a serving plate, I’m really not sure. Sorry!

        1. If your concerned with food touching the plate you could use a paper doily to separate them.

    1. Liz, yes, I’ve used regular sharpie’s on other projects and the only time I’ve had a problem is when the ceramic has a very high gloss coating. 🙂

  8. i think it would be awesome to sign your name on the back of the plate before filling it back up to give away be neat to see whos house its been too and maybe what city or state

  9. I love this idea! In fact, I loved it so much that I just finished it! I got mugs and plates from the dollar tree (where everything is $1) and just used regular sharpie markers. It worked amazingly! For the cups, I copied a mom and dad poem I found and used colored sharpies. It all worked amazingly! I even used colored plates!!! Thank you so much for the idea!

  10. I will be making this a tradition @ Christmas to give a new plate each year (filled with homemade cookies) to someone new. I will be putting the poem on a charger plate & asking the recipient to put their family name on it before giving it. Will also place a glass plate on the charger plate as to avoid food contamination. Love it, Love it, Love it…

    1. I’m sorry, what do you mean by “charger plate”? I just not sure, does this mean that if I was to make these plates they I am unable to put food on the plate with a barrier?

  11. Why not just make a plate with the poem at a pottery store. Then no worries about contamination. Another thought is to put the poem in the back of the plate.

  12. I was wondering if anyone has tried signing the back of the plate and baking it each time it passes through somewhere. We are doing this exact same thing and we are trying to find a great way to see where all the plate goes. I suggested writing on the back of the plate like someone had suggested before but wasn’t sure. Did anyone come up with anything else? Cute plate. Thanks.


  13. Great idea! Just make sure you write “its” not “it’s” in the saying. It’s stands for it is which wouldn’t make sense!!

    1. Yes, Jo, I realized that after they were finished. :/ I copied the poem directly from the internet. That’s what I get for not proofreading it!! Thanks for the heads up though! 🙂

  14. Unfortunately as nice as sharpie plates can NOT use the markers or paint pen anywhere it will come in contact with food..serving or otherwise.
    Thye are not a food safe product. I do painting, ink and marker drawings on different items for a living and there are NO FOOD SAFE products sold in the USA or Canada. All markers..paint pens..porcelain pens have the same warning. Use only on outside of items and on mugs leave enough space at the top so your lips dont come in contact with any of these products either.
    To do this plate correctly, go to your local Dollar store, get a square plate with flat edge to write on and go around the plate. Do not write where food will touch.

    1. I just made a couple of these yesterday using blue and green Sharpies and it worked really well. However, I did use oil-based Sharpies after researching this idea for a while and finding most people recommended it.

  15. I was given one of these plates recently and it had cookies on it. I want to pass it along as it suggests but much of the wording has rubbed off… This plate does have a high gloss to it. I’m not much of a “crafter”so I need some suggestions; would you chuck this one and start over or try to go over the writing that already exists, or remove it somehow… It’s getting pretty bad and hard to read… All advice would be helpfull, thx 🙂

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