Q&A Journal for Kids

the kids are busy growing like weeds and i can’t help but want to bottle up their childhood innocence and keep it under my pillow.  every day is full of new discoveries and funny kid conversations.  and you all know how much i love kid conversations.  remember the one about christouli eating lucky’s grilled cheese sandwich?  or when ace asked if all the incense from our prayers made God sneeze?

(if not, click the link above)


i’ve mentioned lots of times how much i love pinterest.  because, seriously, i do.  it’s not like other social networks that just slurp up your time leaving you zoned and distracted.  pinterest is great because it actually encourages you to do things.  i can’t tell you how many recipes, crafts, home decor, or organizational ideas i’ve found there in the past year or two.  you can follow all of my favorite pinterest ideas here.

my latest find was this awesome q&a book for kids.  i love recording the quirky and funny things the boys say all the time but sometimes i just don’t get around to it, or i try to remember to write them down when i get home and end up forgetting.  or what about the time i logged dozens of them in the notes section of my phone only to lose them when i switched phones?  🙁

that’s why this journal is perfect! it is a 3-year journal that asks one random question a day.  some questions are serious, silly, or just typical.  since lucky doesn’t know how to write yet, i write down his answers word for word.  ace has been writing his own answers, but i’m beginning to notice a pattern of them being very short, which means he’s being lazy, lol.  so, i might start writing down his, too, so that i get better answers.

here are a few that we did this month:

this one is from ace’s journal.  this kid is going to really give me a heart attack when he’s in middle school.  at least, if he ever goes missing, i know where to find him.  😉


this was one of lucky’s.


gee, thanks honey.  i think, lol.

you can see the 20_ _ underneath, which is where we’ll write the answers to the same question in 2014 and 2015.  Neat, huh?

you can order them from amazon…just follow this link!

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  1. Believe me when I say you will be so happy that you took time to do this! My kids are in high school and college now and they still get out journals once in a while when they want to laugh together. The entries they dictated to me are such great reminders of each of their different personalities

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