orthodox mom unplugged: are you addicted to your smart phone?

am i the only one who feels like they have a technological addiction??

between writing posts for this blog and the three others i write for, going back and forth with emails from editors, readers, friends and family, advertising my posts on facebook, instagram and twitter, the new book i’m working on, and two big projects i’m trying to organize, it seems like i am constantly on either my phone, ipad or laptop. and honestly, that’s not even all of it.  i cook from recipes saved to my ipad, read books in ibooks, and about a million other things.  last week, i caught myself using all three at the same time!  it’s completely unnerved me lately.

so, i am officially unplugging myself this week.  and maybe next, too.  sometimes, i just wonder how much time i really waste being connected. i guess i just need a break, all of this technology is beginning to feel like more work than it’s worth and i’m not liking that feeling very much.

whenever dh starts nagging me about being on my phone (it’s the biggest culprit) or computer, i always tell him i’m working and if i wasn’t i’d never have any reason to be online so much.  i always excuse my excess usage to all of the work i do online.  but the truth is, i might not spend a ton of personal time online, i still know it’s more than i should.  but i’ll never tell dh that! 😉  remember our last conversation about my work online?  we’ve already agreed that the secret life of mommy bloggers is not always easy!

anyway, this week, i’m going to live to live and not to document it.  i have some posts scheduled, and someone else will be  linking them through my facebook page, so check in for those, but i won’t be responding to comments until i’m back online.  there are a lot of time sensitive messages that pass through my inbox, so i will still be checking and responding to emails but i’m only allotting myself fifteen minutes twice a day.  i just want to see if i notice or feel a difference.  wish me luck!

have a blessed week!

2 thoughts on “orthodox mom unplugged: are you addicted to your smart phone?

  1. I completely understand! I took facebook off of my phone for this very reason. I’ve been trying to get on my laptop only twice a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening for no more than half an hour. It’s challenging, especially when I have so much work to get done in those 30 minutes. But…I think it’s worth it.

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