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i want to thank all of you who reached out and left comments or sent private emails after my through His strength, i am fearless post. you guys are incredible and the personal stories, thoughts and prayers you sent my way mean so very much to me. i can’t tell you how touched i was, and still am, by all of your kindness. i seriously love you all to pieces. ❤

for those of you wondering what’s going on…my endoscopy proved to be uneventful. there is nothing going on in my esophagus or digestive system, but the lump they saw in the scans is outside of my esophagus and is definitely pressing in on it, causing the difficulty swallowing and the “something is stuck in my throat” feeling i’ve been having. i have another appointment on march 5 where they’ll do another scope but there will be a needle on the end that will go through the esophagus into the lump and will remove tissue to biopsy.

with all of those recent issues, i’m trying to be even more aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

so a few saturdays ago, the boys and i made a trip over to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on some great products. we picked up some of our regular favorites and found a few new ones, as well (like the speculoos crunchy cookie butter). i also found coconut oil on sale and some new probiotic yogurt drinks for the kids. we also got a few bags of this pilaf that contains sweet potatoes, quinoa, kale and other really healthy superfoods.


their flowers were gorgeous, too, and i couldn’t resist picking up a few bouquets of hyacinth. i absolutely love fresh flowers. we put a vase of them in the kitchen and our bedroom and for days the scent was just lovely. the whole house smelled beautiful, even dh commented on how nice it was. lucky is always trying to get me to buy flowers from the supermarket but i rarely do because they’re usually so overpriced. trader joe’s wasn’t a whole lot cheaper but i just couldn’t resist them. hyacinth and lilacs are two of my favorite flowers, following right behind peonies. 🙂


we also stopped by one of our local farms and did some strawberry picking and bought some fresh organic produce. i love shopping locally. it’s such a good feeling. especially after watching movies like farmageddon, food inc, food matters and forks over knives, etc., it’s so great to know that people are supporting small farms.  (all of the aformentioned movies are available on netflix watch instantly for subscribers, if not check out the youtube links i included)


we watched another awesome documentary called tapped the other night. seriously, you will never touch another bottle of water after watching this. the chemicals and toxins found in bottled water will blow your mind. it’s blows my mind that our government will make it illegal to sell raw milk but will allow these corporations to sell poisonous water. and it really is poisonous. we have a cousin in san francisco that had esophageal cancer and the doctor advised him to stop drinking bottled water. another friend in ohio also said her doctor told her not to drink it because it is linked to many miscarriages. crazy, right?

one thing i plan on doing once we have a definite diagnosis is starting the gerson therapy method. a doctor friend of mine suggested i check out the videos on netflix and youtube, and ill tell you–i am totally sold on this program.

it has over a ninety percent success rate with cancer patients, and is used to treat dozens of diseases. even if what i have turns out to be nothing, i still have hypothyroidism and the therapy is also used in perfectly healthy people who want to improve their general health and well being. it’s a juicing based program, but nothing like the juicing trend that has become so popular over the past few years. we’re talking serious juicing here, with specific types of juicers depending on what type of disease you’re trying to treat, etc.  I have been encouraging everyone I know to check it out.

there are two videos available online.  one is the gerson miracle and the other is the beautiful truth.   if you check them out, stop back and let me know what you thought!

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  1. Please know you are in my prayers. When i was diagnosed with end stage cancer, my doctors told me I wouldn’t live, and when I did, my doctor said to me “either you are really lucky, really positive, or are praying to the right God”, at which I responded, “Dr, there is only one God, the one true Holy Trinity, who knows my time, and no one else”. Faith is a big healer! I also have been eating only healthy foods, although I have indulged at times, and I am at my 6 year mark! Faith always heals, our hearts, souls, and bodies.

    Your sister in Christ,

    1. Marianthy, I didn’t know you had cancer! Glory to God! Like they say, medicine only goes so far and then there’s God. May He continue to strengthen you and give you health!

    1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for your prayers. You are such a dear. And you’re absolutely right in saying God does not abandon us, He is there always!!

  2. I hope this new diet is helpful for you. I’ve send the information along to my mom who has cancer, auto-immune diseases and arthritis. It seems like the right diet for her, too. Hugs!

    1. Michelle, I’m so glad you sent the info to your mom! I remember well when she was diagnosed and she is still in my prayers often! I hope it works for her! Let me know if she tries it and what she thinks! xoxo

  3. May Saint Luke the Physician pray to God for you. Trust in His mercies. And thank you for posting this and opening my eyes to the danger of bottled water.

  4. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Gerson diet! ♥ I saw “The Beautiful Truth” a few years ago and was amazed. We have since gotten a juicer!!! I don’t know how I missed your previous post, but you are in my prayers right now!!! What a wonderful story of St. Blaise and your appointment…definitely a work of God. May He help you and your family!

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