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Today is the last day to register for the Orthodox Education Webinar that will be happening tomorrow!  Illumination Learning and Orthodox Christian Network has prepared a fantastic learning experience for all of us!  I can’t wait to listen to the other speakers!

The theme of the conference is “Enriching our Church School Classrooms”, but I’ll be talking a lot about what should be happening inside an Orthodox Home (mine first among them!).  We’ll talk about what a home church is and some important characteristics of it.  I’m a firm believer in our children first and foremost attending the Divine Liturgy (and other services) and Sunday School being a fundamental supplement to those church experiences.

Many times, we put all of the responsibility of our children’s spiritual education on the Sunday School teachers and that’s not fair or realistic considering they only see them once a week.  So, we’ll talk about what our responsibilities are and how to lay a firm foundation for their spiritual growth and thus preparing them to really learn what their Sunday School teachers work so hard to teach them.

Attendants will also enter to win this Spiritual First Aid Kit I put together. As I was putting it together, I thought it would also make a nice housewarming gift, maybe when a family has their first house blessing or something.  🙂

It contains:

  • a censer
  • box of incense handmade by our sisters here
  • 2 rolls of charcoal
  • Small Compline prayer book
  • the book The Prayer Rope (which is awesome!)
  • 2 prayer ropes and a roll-on bottle to fill with holy oil (I mentioned these awhile ago in this post).


If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.  Hope to “see” you all there tomorrow!

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    1. Hi Photini, both items were purchased at Panagia Vlahernon monastery. Their telephone number is 352.591.6023. 🙂

  1. Oh wow! Wish I’d known about this earlier. This looks really great! My little one would love a little treasure trove of things like this

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