goodbye, summer. thanks for the memories!

I can’t believe that summer is nearly over!!  School begins next week and we’ll have the displeasure of waking up at 6:00 a.m. every morning again.  Yay.  Can you hear my enthusiasm?

Summer Travels

Thank God, we had another terrific summer again, though.  We checked quite a few things off of our Summer Bucket List, which was fun.  I sort of took an internet break while we were away, and only posted via my iPhone, so I have lots to share with you guys.  If you follow my facebook or instagram, you might have seen some photos here and there of this years grand adventure.  If not, you can check them all out now!

This past May, we received a new addition to the family–Ace’s pet bearded dragon, Poseidon.  Before we left for the summer, Ace bought him a travel case, which we nicknamed “The Ritz”.  We toted him around everywhere we went.  The Ritz spent quite a bit of time in my purse this summer, lol.  I really didn’t mind though because Ace has shown such responsibility in taking care of Poseidon.  He pays for anything he needs and takes care of feeding, cleaning his habitat, etc. all by himself.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to have an indoor pet at first, but I’m glad we did.

Our first stop was Virginia.  We visited Yorktown and Jamestown where we got to walk through model homes of what the original settlements and ships looked like.  Ace got to assist in a canon firing demonstration, which was the highlight of the trip for him.  They had such a blast!

Those kinds of trips are my favorite; when it’s just me and my boys.  DH and I get to sit back, relax and watch them have a good time.  It’s also a great time for us to reconnect and enjoy each other without the headache of our everyday responsibilities.  I’m so thankful for those moments… <3

We also wandered around Richmond, and stopped by the Virginia Capitol building, the Maymont Mansion and some little historic districts.  We found a great little Mexican joint where we had dinner one night (thanks to Groupon!).  They boys had fried ice cream for the first time and devoured it!  It was so cute.

It was an awesome trip.

After a few days, we loaded back up and headed to Ohio.   My favorite thing about being back home with my family is that the most wonderful of memories are made with no effort at all–they just happen.  No matter how long we are apart, once we all get together, enough memories are made to last until the next time.  It almost makes it feel like we’re never apart.  <3

This year, we made our usual trip to the Nativity of the Theotokos monastery in Saxonburg, PA and stopped through Cleveland to do some shopping and eat at The Cheesecake Factory.  And, of course, we hopped the bus to NYC (that deserves a post, or two, of it’s own!)  We also celebrated Lucky’s 6th birthday, hiked the trails at Mill Creek Park, rode go-carts, went to St. Demetrios’ Greek Fest, made S’mores, and just had an incredible time spending time with everyone (see pics below).  The boys always get so excited to see all of their cousins and play in the basements, lol.  That’s a big deal when you live in Florida!  :)

On our way home, we stopped through North Carolina so Sprout could see his Nana (godmother) and got to spend a little time with Niko’s brother, his wife and the kids.  I just love them to pieces and it’s always so nice to see them, even if only for a day.

Once again, I feel so very blessed to be a part of such an amazing family and to have had the opportunity to create another summer full of unforgettable memories!

Now, we’re home and are preparing for the feast of the Dormition and are busy as bees getting ready for school to start (I’ll be posting more about that new adventure soon, too).  August is just about over and I am more than ready for fall weather, even though I’ll have to wait a bit longer…

My sweaters and boots are calling my name, though.  C’mon Autumn!!


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful summer!

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