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If you follow my blog’s Facebook page, you may remember a prayer request that I posted for two people who were in a terrible car accident a couple weeks ago in North Carolina.  I’ve been meaning to post the whole story here as well, but alas, with Ace’s school schedule, Lucky’s homeschooling and everything else going on, I haven’t had a chance until now.

Jacob, a 15-year old boy with a learner’s permit, was showing a friend and his family the new 2010 Nissan Maxima that his parent’s had just surprised him with for his upcoming 16th birthday.  I’m not sure exactly how the next series of events played out but he ended up getting his friend’s mother, Theodora, to agree to go along for a quick ride.  (Theodora attends the church we visit when in NC)

The roads where they were driving are full of twists and turns and according to one of the news articles, Jacob went to over correct a turn and ran the car into a tree.   Both Theodora and Jacob had to be extricated from the vehicle.  Speed was also a factor, though he was not over the speed limit.

When rescue workers were  attempting to free Theodora, they told her she was lucky she was sitting in the backseat.  Theodora then responded that she was not seated in the back, that she was in the passenger seat.  The rescue worker then told her she was lucky she was not wearing her seat belt because the impact would have crushed her.  It was then that Theodora told him that she was indeed wearing her seat belt and that she never travels without one.

Car Accident

The paramedic didn’t know what to say and told her it was a miracle she was alive and someone must have been there to protect her.

Apparently, she was buckled into the passenger seat and the last thing she remembers was getting ready to hit the tree.  She was knocked unconscious temporarily until the sound of the helicopter roused her.

They were both airlifted.  Theodora was in serious condition and suffered some major injuries, but thank God is doing well.  Jacob, on the other hand, has still not woken up.  He was scheduled for surgery two days after the accident but in the middle of the night his lungs collapsed and surgery was postponed until a couple days later.

However, I just heard news again that he is not doing well.  They fear he has suffered brain trauma and are not yet sure if there is any brain activity.

The family is asking for prayers from everyone for Jacob.  Please, if you can do a round of komboskinia for him, do a paraklesis, or whatever prayers you want, just please pray for him and his family.  Ask God to strengthen and comfort them and for Him to send the Holy Spirit to heal Jacob.  Please, pass this request on to as many people as you can right now.

Below are several news articles about the accident:

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    1. Hey Martha, thanks for checking in and for your prayers. Unfortunately, Jacob passed away on Sunday. 🙁 Please continue remembering him and his family in your prayers though! xoxo

  1. Praise the Lord
    I am from India i m a medical student
    from past couple of months i m hearing voices and i walways felt that someone always following me day by day these things are getting weird please pray for my family,for my relationship, and for my studies i need LORD guidence in everything of my life i need his presence in my life please pray for me….i am getting sick of this
    thank you

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