DIY Burlap Chevron Wreath

Fall is here!  Hooray!

Come mid-September I begin experiencing some serious fall fever.  I itch to pull out all of my favorite over-sized sweaters and boots.  It’s the time of year when our house fills with the sweet aromas of apple and pumpkin as various cakes, crisps and breads bake in the oven.

Though, other than me walking around my house in sweaters and boots and consuming more baked goods than one person ever should, there aren’t many signs of fall here yet.  The weather is still hot and muggy for the most part and leaves have not yet begun to change, but  I do my best to make it feel like fall inside our home.  I turn down the air low enough so we can at least snuggle with blankets and sip hot apple cider topped with cinnamon and nutmeg while reading our favorite fall book The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado.  The boys are catching a bit of the fever too and are looking hard to find those first acorns that fall from the trees.  They’ve been successful a couple of times and before I know it I’ll be crocheting acorn necklaces for them, their teachers and whoever else they decide should get one this year.

Fall and Christmas are my favorite times to decorate the house, too.  We have rich, vibrant colored pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves scattered around.  I’ve also been in serious need of a new wreath for the front door so I made a pit stop at Hobby Lobby one day while running errands and picked up a few supplies.

The entire wreath cost me under $12!  I’ve seen them online for $75 and up.  It literally took about 15-20 minutes to make.  I can’t ask for more than that–quick and lovely!

Burlap Chevron Wreath Tutorial

To make one for your home all you need is:

  • 16″ floral wreath frame
  • 2 15-ft. rolls of burlap ribbon
  • 1 roll of accent ribbon
  • 2-3 pipe cleaners (they should match your accent ribbon), cut into thirds
  • embellishments of your choice (if you add embellishments, you’ll need a glue gun)

Burlap Wreath DIY Directions:

You’ll notice that the floral frame has three slots; top, middle and bottom.  You will be working counter clockwise around the frame.

1.  Take one end of your burlap ribbon and weave it through whatever spot you decide will be the top of your wreath.  Secure with pipe cleaner.

2. Then, working counter clockwise, pull a 6″ length of ribbon through the top slot.  Keep in mind you are working with the end of the ribbon you just weaved through.

3.  Do the same thing by pulling 6″ lengths through the middle and bottom slots.  Repeat until you have completely covered the frame.  The burlap may look sort of flat, but you will poof it up at the end.  (see second photo-you should have three loops per section)

4.  Next, take your accent ribbon and attach it to the top or bottom of your wreath.  If you are placing a bow at the bottom like I did, start at the bottom.  This way, if it looks a little unfinished, the bow will cover it.

5.  Lay the accent ribbon on top of the burlap and attach with pipe cleaners approximately every 5 inches. (see photo 3)

6.  Now, this is where you begin to twist and pull the burlap to give it volume.  Don’t be afraid to tug at it.  If you pull too much, it can be easily tucked back into place.  You also want to pouf up your accent ribbon.

7.  Take the remainder of your accent ribbon and make a bow.  You can place this wherever you want.

8.  Hot glue your embellishments.

I chose our initial and some cotton branches that DH had picked for me on the side of the road somewhere in Georgia last year.   I love adding personal touches to my decor and I thought that was perfect!  Originally, I had the wreath hanging from the bow on top, but I felt like it was overpowering the wreath itself, so I made it smaller and placed it at the bottom.

This was such a quick, easy and cost efficient project that I can’t wait to make another one!

We even had a little Pinterest party at the baseball field! Here are a couple pics of the wreaths some of the crafty mamas there made:



My Pinterest board is already full of Christmas wreath ideas!  Also, check back next week for details on a Fall Favorites Swap I’m planning!  🙂  Stay tuned…



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