Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial

felt christmas tree Last year, I remembered the adorable little felt tree I’d seen on Pinterest but like always I remembered a bit too late.  It was only a week or so from Christmas so I just made one really quick to see how the kids would like it.  They all had so much fun with it that this year we made a bigger project of it.

While the point of this tree is to help keep little fingers off of the real tree, I’m not quite sure I think it will do that.  At least, not in our house, lol.  But it’s worth it anyway to watch them use their imaginations and have such a good time with it.   This morning when they woke up, it was the first thing Lucky and Sprout ran to.  <3

I bought everything from Hobby Lobby.  If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, Jo-Ann’s carries everything you need too.


  • 1 yard of green felt
  • 1 sheet of brown felt
  • 3 sheets of different colored felt
  • 1 sheet of gold glitter foam
  • 2 packages of pre-cut felt ornaments
  • pack of foam Christmas stickers
  • felt rickrack
  • roll of dorm tape
  • hot glue gun
  • hot cocoa
  • Christmas carols
  • your imagination

First, we folded the green felt in half and Ace drew a Christmas tree on it.

drawing the felt tree

Then, we cut it out.


We taped the sheet of brown felt on the wall, right up against the baseboard.  Then, we added tape to the back of the tree.  We used Dorm Tape because it sticks well but also removes without ruining the paint on the wall.  You just twist it up and stick it on.  If you can’t find Dorm Tape, you can use any double sided adhesive, just be sure it’s not permanent!


After we taped it onto the wall, the boys all decorated ornaments.  They made both me and DH one, one for Jesus and some regular ones.

making ornaments for the felt tree

20131123-121053.jpg We cut out some different sized presents and “wrapped” them.  I added a dot of hot glue to keep the ribbons and bows on them.  We taped two on the wall and left the smaller two in the basket for them to take on and off.  All three of the boys decorated the tree and then Ace put the star on top.  Lucky was a little upset about that but I told him Ace got to do it for the first time since he was older.  Secretly though, I did this because I wondered if he would even want to do it next year.  🙁


boys decorating our felt tree



20131123-120612.jpg Check back in the next week or so to see the felt project we’re working on now!  It’s even more fun that this one!  😉

p.s.  emails for the kid’s ornament exchange went out today.  if you signed up and didn’t receive one, let me know asap!

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