40 Ideas for The Kindness Kids {an alternative for elf on the shelf}

Now that you’ve all met The Kindness Kids, here are some ideas we’ve been using with our new little friends.

Below is our list of RACK’s (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness).  It is similar to the list we used for our regular RACK project last year.  (Here is a link to that where you can print the cards below along with blank ones for your daily RACK), with the addition of some fun and silly things for your Kindness Kids to do to switch things up a bit for your bigs and littles.

The Kindness Kids

I think this list is a great balance of both kindness and fun.  Remember to add your own ideas to the list, too.  If you know of a family that maybe needs a Christmas tree or is just having a rough year, why not bake them a cake or make dinner for them and deliver it one night?  The possibilities with these kinds of projects are endless.

My favorite part of these adorable little dolls is that with every thing we do, we leave one of these little cards behind and hope that when the recipient reads it, they will remember God and the true meaning of Christmas.

Use your imagination and have fun creating these wonderful memories with your family.

Ideas for The Kindness Kids

1. Volunteer or donate to a local food bank.

2. Let them ride through the house on a toy dinosaur.

3. Pay for the person behind you at coffee shop or drive-thru.

4. Tape money to vending machines

5.  Make them miniature shoes or boots and set them out for St. Nicholas Day.

6.  Put them in brown paper bags and let them have a sack race.

7. Leave candy canes on cars.

8. Have them cut paper snowflakes.

9. Deliver homemade treats to local fire and police departments and thank them for their service.

10. Deliver poinsettias to a nursing home.

11.  Wrap and secretly deliver a book about the true meaning of Christmas to someone.

12.  Make a miniature “Days Until Christmas” paper chain.

13. Wrap chocolate chips in tin foil to look like they’re snacking on Hershey’s kisses. 

14. Bring hot chocolate to bell ringers.

15. Deliver treats to neighbors.

16.  Set them on the counter holding a rolling pin and the recipe for St. Lucia’s buns for St. Lucia’s feast on December 13. 

17. Put them in a glass bowl to look like they’re inside of a snow globe. 

18. Deliver handmade gift to your librarians.

19. Adopt a family in need from your child’s school or local shelter.

20. Clean out toys, clothes, etc and donate them.

21.   Build Lego walls and scatter mini marshmallows like they’re having a snowball fight.

22. Tape money to a parking meter.

23. Hand out pretty flowers (carnations are cheap) at a local shopping center.

24.  Kneel them down in front of an icon of the Nativity on Christmas Eve.

25. Have your child make homemade cards and deliver them to child abuse shelter or children’s hospital.

26. Donate books to a local school in need.

27. Knit (or buy) a warm scarf for a homeless person.

28. Pack up mini-feast (who doesn’t have a ton of food left over?) and drop it off to homeless people on Christmas Day.

29. Put together a tin of cookies for mailman and UPS driver, etc.

30.  Find tiny knit clothing, hats, mittens, etc. and hang them on a string in the laundry room like they’re doing their laundry.

31.  Stack mini powdered sugar donuts like they’re building snowmen.

32.  Buy 4 $5.00 gift cards and pass them out to homeless people on the street.

33.  Make military care packages.

34. Go caroling to the houses of friends and family.  You can bring The Kindness Kids along!

35.  Donate books to a local school in need.

36.  Write handwritten cards and letters and send them to family living far away.

37.  Paint their noses green while they sleep and when they wake up read the book If Only I Had a Green Nose.  A wonderful book about being yourself by Max Lucado.

38.  Pray for a stranger.

39.  Have a “Going Away” party for them with hot chocolate and homemade cookies.

40.  Leave tiny little footprints out of flour or cornstarch mixed with glitter leading out the front door on the night they leave. 

What sort of ideas are you going to do?  I’ll be posting pictures sporadically on Facebook and Instagram so check them out if you get a chance and if you post any photos of your Kindness Kids be sure to tag me @OrthodoxMom on Twitter and Instagram and hashtag #omkindnesskids!  <3

p.s.  Come back on Wednesday for a chance to win a set of Kindness Kids for your family!  😀

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  1. I love this idea. We are going to use a bendable mouse my mom made and do it during the 12 days of Christmas. Your “kids” are super cute and I can’t wait to borrow some of your ideas. Thank you for such a great post.

  2. Where did you purchase these dolls? Of you could send a link that would help so much! I’m having a hard time finding them.

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