All Aboard the Minivan Express! {free ticket download}

Last year, we had so much fun our Minivan Express ride that I am super excited to do it again this year! I strung lights in the van, popped popcorn and poured our thermoses to the top with tea and hot cocoa.  The boys had a blast!  We listened to the Polar Express audiobook and we read stories from this vintage Christmas book.  It was so wonderful.  Except for one minor detail that was overlooked…we forgot we lived in the country.  Which basically means we had to drive for miiiiles to see enough lights to satisfy our bunch!


Christmas Fun! This year, we planned ahead and mapped out the neighborhood so we know exactly where to drive and we agreed we would definitely make it to the duck pond to enjoy their beautiful display. Once again, their Christmas jammies are washed and wrapped and on the night of the ride, I’ll let them open them before hiding the tickets under their pillows along with this awesome Polar Express bell my mom sent this year.

Polar Express Bell

This has become one of our favorite things to do during Christmastime. I’m also going to bring our children’s Bible so we could read the story of the Nativity as we drive.  Last year we talked about the first Christmas and played a game to see who could spot the Nativity scenes,  but I wished I’d brought it along to actually read the story of Christ’s birth. This Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt sounds like loads of fun, too… Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt If the Minivan Express hasn’t stopped at your house yet, print out these tickets and load up.  All aboard! Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 9.56.36 AMYou can print them here and here.

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  1. I’ll have to make tickets that say “12 passenger van express” (easy enough!) – haha — but I love this idea! We already did our Christmas light tour for this year, but I’ll try to remember for next year. I tried to start the tradition this year of going to do this on Dec. 12 — after St. Lucia (“saint of light”) vespers, but I think it was too early. We had a hard time finding good neighborhoods full of lights and we live in town. How did you light the Christmas lights on the van?

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